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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Seatbones, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. Now here`s a disturbing rumour. Apparently, a so called ex-forces "chartered" mc - I won`t name the club I suspect as the originator because at the moment it is just that, a suspicion, but on confirmation they will be named and hopefully shamed - has contacted the Royal British Legion Riders Branch and warned members against wearing RBLR badges on their backs because they are not a chartered mc or face the consequences.

    How low can these gangsters go?
  2. It does appear distasteful, but I believe that this 'rule' applies to all motorcycle 'collectives', wishing to wear their 'colours'. As far as I can recall it's set by the Hells Angels (might be wrong) but those wishing to start an MC have to be approved by the HA (if that's who it is). I don't think that the RBLR would have any problem getting approval. Anyone wearing colours is deemed to be in a MC and al MCs have to be recognised by the HA. Another rule is that one MC can't ride through the turf of another wearing their 'colours' unless they've got permission to do so from the resident MC. All very complicated but I'm sure that it makes sense to those involved.

    The only 'back patched' group who blatantly ignore this are those blokes in yellow Hi-Vis vests which have 'POLICE' written over the back. :police:
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  3. Why do the Hells Angels have control over charters?
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  4. I may be wrong mate, I picked this up at a p*ss up with several MCs a few years ago. A combination of excess alcohol and time may have had an adverse affect upon the interpretation of the information passed.
  5. Someone has to be in charge!
  6. This came up last year, and the RBLR sent messages to all members stating that same.

    In a fit of picque I said fuck 'em, and now display the HM Veterans patch instead.

    In their defence the HA's have never had a problem with the RBL/RBLR.
  7. Storm in a teacup.HAMC were on the Wooton Bassett run, and have made numerous charitable donations.
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  8. Hells Angels are an international organisation of clubs that protect their copyright etc and apply various rules.

    You can have a motorcycle club that has no association to the HAs, but if you copy their badges or font styles etc without permission they enforce - this has been done in the past by both legal and illegal means.

    Wiki HAs

    Official HAs
  9. It's not the HA's on this occasion, it's a club run by former soldiers making threats against a group of former soldiers.

    They must have poppy phobia.
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  10. HA Walts?
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  11. Correct. Done a bit of research and the club is called " Patriots MC ". The problem they have is that they believe that they have a monopoly over every ex-squadie that rides a bike and that if they want to join a club it should be theirs. They will only accept you though if you have three years reg service. No ex-service women. No TA or MPs.

    They also have a website. Why not pop by and sign their guestbook.
  12. Or serving/ex Police Officers regardless of service time or Regiment/Corp

    What message does that send?

    The HA will of course be monitoring the Patriots situation, as they do all MC (and some local MCC's) clubs and there is a line (other MC's) that they cannot cross.

    MCC = MotorCycle Club.

    MC = HA

    Anyhoo, this is old, old news and I am sure our comrades in RBL (Riders) are fully appraised.
  13. You can wear any MC patch you want, so long as it does not infringe any legally recognised copyright or trademark (using the HA font, skull or '81' for example).

    If you have not been 'approved' by the HA then you just have to be prepared to 'protect' your right to go about your business (in the same that the Mongol's have to I imagine). 8O
  14. Only the US could spawn a group of rebels and renegades who class themselves as outlaws but who, nevertheless enforce their copyright through the courts! No wonder the Yanks don't do irony :D
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  15. As the RBLR patch is a two piece I can't actually see this being true. If it was a three piece with a bottom rocker then I could see it, however I doubt very much that there's any truth to this rumour.

    I will make some enquiries when I get home.

    The only patch that's causing any pain at the minute is the Black Label Society patch, but they deserve a beating.