back pain prob

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by fluffer, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. When filling in the form should i put that i have minor back pain in the lower/middle part?
    I havn't been to the docs about it but ive had it for about 5 month now, on and off, quite minor but quite achey?

    Anyone been in sililar situation?

    Ive used search but its too specific!
  2. Go to the doctors and whilst your at it, ask him to give you a brochure on dyslexia.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but i dont have any of the syptoms other than the ache! Shall i include this on my medical forms or shall i pop into the docs first?
  4. This website is the Army Rumour Service and not an online version of Guys Hospital. If you think your body is broken, the traditional method of finding out what is wrong with it is to visit a person who has spent approximately five years at Medical School and has taken the Hippocratic Oath. You'll find that the only diagnosis you'll get on here is that you're a bit of tube.

    What part of 'go to the doctors' are you not understanding?
  5. I was seeing if anyone had had a sililar problem?
  6. I have a sillier problem. Its called mongoattractoitice.

    The only person who can give you proper advice is a fucking doctor.

    Would you pop into Tescos and ask advice about a slipping clutch on an 1994 Mondeo?
  7. This driver did for his fiat.
  8. that made me laugh....very good...
  9. You could go to the doctors and would probably be given some drugs which isnt really helpful.
  10. No. Far more use coming to the 'Arrse back pain clinic' innit? :roll:
  11. Thats not what i meant,sometimes taking pharmaceutical medicine doesnt help and in the long run might do harm,so its good to try out alternatives.

  12. But going to the doctor is better than asking a bone question on here isn't it?

    Your answer sort of proves the point.

    Unless of course, you're a fully qualified GP and are just using the internet as travelling clinic?
  13. Yes,but theres no need for sarcasm,they were only asking for advice.
  14. And it was given.

    Go to the fucking doctor.

    If you think that was sarcastic, may I point you towards my profile button and ask you to read through 5500 or so of my posts. You will then see when I'm being sarcastic.