Back pain help!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by MSI64, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. Ok when I wake up first thing in the morning, I have really bad pain in my lower back that rediates through my hips.
    Takes a while but once Im up and moving Im totally fine. But now its starting to happen when I sit too long. I get pain in my hips and my legs and knees ache.
    I train everyday and feel great after it No aches or pains.

    Am going to see the Doc but I worry I might just get fobbed off and something serious might be missed. Am even considering going private for a complete check up.

    Any advice?
  2. chiropracter
  3. What he said. IF you can take ibuprofen start now.
  4. The wife had some thing like this and it ended up being Ankylosing spondylitis
  5. Hopefully not, maybe sciatica? Whatever, go sick tomorrow.
  6. Don't waste your time or money on a chiropractor , g.p. should order x-rays then refer if needed, thats what the chiro will do first, only you pay for the x-ray !! Once you have the results(free) then decide which route to take, lesson learned from the £300+ wasted on a private armpit who in the end refererred to an orthopedic surgeon.
  7. Not happy with the quack get a second opinion, but they pretty good nowadays. Btw are you over trainning?
  8. Each to their own.GP gave me Ibuprofen(two jars) which I wasn't willing to take in case of causing further injury.Found an excellent chiropractor in Camberley who put my back in better shape than it had been for years also gave me exercises to keep it in good shape so definitely money well spent.Gave up rugby in 2001 resumed playing in 2005 it wasn't due to my GP.
  9. See MO first

  10. GP will get fucked off at high port if he orders lumbar spine x-rays for LBP!
    MSI64...if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
  11. Im 40, Dont think Im over training, however the pain gets worse if I lay off the training for a couple of days???
    Kind of worried as it feels like its inside rather than actually on my hip (if that makes sense)
  12. check pm's
  13. at 40 if you're ex squaddie, you have a fairly good chance of also having degenerative changes in your hip....or old git :D
  14. If you have a soft mattress then change it/put some rigid board under it.Will stop the pain,hopefully,after a week or so.If not,chiropracter-but get one reccomended by your MO.Good ones work miracles
  15. I am just post Op for a hip arthroscopy and femral head osteoplasty. I was suffering for 3 yrs from roughly the same symtoms. I had a laberal tear and cam impingment. Feeling great at present...fingers crossed. MRI of the hip and lower back found my problem.