Back On The Fags

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rudie, May 10, 2010.

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  1. I'm back on the fags after 5 years...

    Left the Army 11 years ago, but still use the stretching off technique I picked up in my battalion after a hand down my shorts scratching my Sandra Bullocks whilst smoking a tab with the other....

    Marlboro Lights aren't proper fags anyway,are they?

  2. they are like smoking roasted peanuts. The Village People were proper fags.
  3. They taste even better second time round.....I don't know what the f uck I was thinking about giving up in the first place. £6.30 for a 20 deck? Value for money.
  4. I suppose you,ve noticed that they don,t use tobacco these days?
    They just fill them with shyte that fizzes and pops and they smell like a dagos underpants.

    not that I am a great authority on dagos underpants you understand.
  5. I know two people who took champix and stopped, but both had massive heart attacks and died within 6 months.

    /tinfoil hat
  6. buying them at £6.20 is being a proper fag!!!

    roll your own its cheaper(sorta)and it isnt just tree huggers anymore that smoke hand rolled fags..

    plus this stupid bit of fluff gets in the way on real fags.

    cigars like hamlet are a good treat too! and better than lights anyday..

    if you want to feel like a girl then keep with the lights!
    you will just die slower and more painfull :twisted: ..

    or if you want to really feel it !!try clan pipe baccy!!!

    silk cuts are a fag worth NOT trying!!!
    i almost sucked out my colon trying to FEEL it!!!
  7. F uck smoking rollys.

    I get flashbacks from sucking off the range warden at Castlelaw Ranges when I was a recruit....just for the chance of skaggy little paper thin Drum roll up.

    No thanks, I'll stick to the tailor mades.
  8. fag!!! :D

    with rollups you can regurge the dogends when times are hard(beats hunting street corners for a tailormade butts)only downside is your mouth tastes like youve inhaled your grans ashes..

    some business toffs would leave some stonkers of butts !!

    not that i was ever that hard up.

    bonus is people wouldnt ask for a fag as mine roll like prison fags

    thin and tight!!
  9. Same story here, but I tried champix last year. They made me so depressed, I used to wonder if life was worth living. It wasn't till my prescription ran out, that I realised I had been depressed.
    I'm back on the patches at the moment, and it has helped to cut down.
    Nicotine, it's wonderful though.
  10. Stopping smoking is bad for your short term health.

    I used that nicorette stuff and managed to stop but also had a heart attack within 6 months, didn't die though, and it seems this is not at all unusual.*

    Something to do with the change of pace inside the body apparently and not anything to do with the choice of nicotine replacement stuff.!

    So if you are going to give up then make sure you are healthy and near a cardiologist.

    *Disclaimer - this is based on a sample of 3 people only.
  11. Giving up is for quiters....
  13. I gave up for 8 months first time with Zyban, a few years later with my annual winter chest problems I decided enuff was enuff, I have to give up, I went to the NHS who were very helpful, prescribed Zyban at my request, this time I have stayed nicotine free for almost 18 months, I get kegged regularly with no desire to start again.
  14. Ah fuck, next month I'll have to start looking for a new girlfriend 8O
  15. Although there is no published research, there is a lot of hearsay evidence that there is a large amount of people who quit smoking have MIs very shortly afterwards (not all of whom die!)

    Perhaps there's no published research because it may conclude that quitting is bad for you!