Back on clays after 15 years!

Went clay shooting today for the first time [in about] 15 years! Bloody marvellous!

Still just as bad a shot, still all the p### taking, tea in the clubhouse just as rancid, happy days! :D


Well done, after years of dusting clays out of season in my wood I finally joined a club and shoot with my eldest son!
Happy days! There's a few of us that shoot regularly at Pirbright. If you're anywhere near there, drop me a pm. Don't worry, were're all sh1t too so you'd be in good company.

I went to a clay shoot a few weeks back with a mate of mine from Barnsley. Was a top day out and I actually hit quite a few clays (fcuk knows how)

Just a shame the bloke who runs the show set half the place on fire burning his rubbish and we all had to help out controlling it.

Dont think I'll be buying one of them shooting jackets just yet, but I wont be wearing my trainers next time I go thats for sure.
misdameaner said:
How's your shoulder this morning :?:
A few red bits, but did remember enough to wear a waxy waistcoat [despite being 22degrees]. Trouble is, I think the bug may have bit again, already checking details of other shoots coming up.
thedobo said:
Come on 'fess up, just how s*** were you?

Total s### actually, but been again today and pleased to say got over 50%, so moving in the right direction. Just need to keep up the momentum for the real thing next month.
Christ! next month, before you know it we will be moaning 'thats another season over then'.


Yesterday I spent a frustrating but also entertaining hour waiting for the shoot offs at the single gun 25 bird sporting flush. Only my second season at the club so a div 4 member and I used my lads 20 bore as my 28 didnt have enough snot to dust the targets. I managed 15 but I would have done better if the bottom barrel worked every time. It turned out to be 2 loose screws. Frustrating as the other lad with 15 didnt wait so I won by default and entertaining as I got to watch the AAA class lads shoot off for first place.

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