Back off Brussels!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Does the EU ever come up with a proposal of use?

  2. Do we in the U.K benefit from EU membership in your opinion?

  3. Was it a good idea to join the EU?

  4. Should the EU keep their noses out of a countries business unless it affects the EU?

  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The EU are,once again,trying to force their identity on the U.K.
    According to today's Daily Express (No link available),the EU Bureaucrats wnt to replace the Merchant Navies Red Ensign( known as the Red Duster),which has been flown since 1627, with a Blue European Register flag.
    Politicians have slammed the move,condemming it as a 'attempt to form a fictional European Identity which should be strangled at birth.
    Obviously,Merchant Navy men are against the proposal to ablolish this Very British Flag that so many have served under.
    Seem's to me that the EU are trying to invade our way of life by stealth.They have this perchant of coming up with idea's to rid a country of it's identity & uniqeness.
    Pity they can't apply their resourses to better use.
  2. Another step on the path to the European Soviet Union.Another confirmation of what I have been warning about for so long. We need a referendum NOW on the EU. Won't be long till we give up our seat on The UN Security Council to Brussels too!
  3. The EU sounds out ideas, waits for the reaction, denies knowledge then implements the plan through the back door ala European Constitution. Brussels is corrupt and cannot be trusted.
  4. now theres a big surprise. it is simple... it has links to teh word WAR... tut tut... ergo it must be changed for a more euro friendly tree hugging brand!
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cheers for that Cranners99.
  6. Are you doing this on purpose Spike?

    As opposed to

    Who exactly has been dredging up old news?
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    DAILY EXPRESS apparently then.

    It was ORIGINALLY reported by the D.Express on that date but the Daily Express I quoted from was definatly dated today.Page 35 bottom left column next to the Asda recall ad.
  8. So the rebuttle of this story comes from the same bunch of cnuts who claimed the 'Bananas must be straight' directive was a lie. It wasn't, and is now in force. One of the (probably) unintended consequences of this stupid law is that the number of banana types imported into the EU is now now only 4 or 5, and all are genetically extremely close to another. Possible consequence: if there is an outbreak of disease as per 30odd years ago, our supply of bananas is wiped out. Also some african countries only grew the smaller, more curvier types and can no longer export their produce to the EU..
  9. There's nothing worse than the smell of Brussels.
  10. um is it just me or are the options for the poll all questions, and not answers ;) ... ie i want to say no to the first 3 options and yes to the last one, how the feck can i do this? :p lol
  11. You might want to have a look here.

    Of course it might all be eurocentric propoganda but unless you have links to the directives themselves??
  12. I like the smaller, 'democratic' bananas grown in the former UK/French colonies in the West Indies & Africa. Much tastier than the large to giant sized ones grown in central america and buying them supports small farmers rather than big corporations. But bananas can be dangerous things. The UK and France together fought Germany for several years for the right to buy small bananas from their former colonies and stop improts of large bananas. Eventually a compromise was reached, with some restrictions on the import of large bananas. Most of the large banana growers were US companies and this nearly led to a trade war between the US and the EU. The funny thing is, neither the EU nor the USA actually grow any bananas.
  13. The problem is in the detail. It states that ships would have the option of flying the EU rag alongside the Red Ensign.

    I am sure that this would be encouraged by both our enemy in Brussels and the traitors within who would hand us over in a heart beat if they could get away with it. After a few years of seeing both, the Red Ensign would quiety be eliminated by being made unlawful via the small print in an unrelated document, thus slipping under the radar of those who might not agree with this reviolting imposition of an unwanted puke inducing eu rag.

    Like most things involving the EU be afraid, be very afraid, they will not rest until they have reduced us to a mere province, while using our money to support those countries with their begging bowls out and willing to go along with anything they say so long as our money is given to them.