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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_beer_man, Jul 24, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys. Got a bit of a stiff back at the moment. Not injured, just caused by bad posture as I drive a lorry all day. Want to get a back massage done. I'm sure a sports massage is the way to go as I've had one before and it really helped. My mrs swears by these lovey dovey all candles and fit birds using oils to make your back feel better. I'm not sure but then I've neve had one of these. Anyone out there had a girly back rub? Are they any good? I've not got much spare cash at the moment so can't really afford the lay out on something that won't work.

    Cheers, tbm.
  2. I had a lovely massage the other day, I think it's the way forward

    If you want a nice sensual experience (ie pleasing to the senses) then aromatherapy is great; nice oils, nice touch, leaves you with a great sense of well being
    Your wife could fo a bit of that for you if you asked nicely,did the washing up and picked your wet towels up off the floor...
    For more deep seated tension and postural problems you'll want someone with a good grasp of anatomy, for this reason I think a sports massage would probably be best.
  3. I agree with that statement Wench. The first all body massage I had was in India where I paid £5 for an hour - unbelievable value for money. The woman was the biz and I even had oils massaged into my hair. Afterwards I could feel every muscle in my body from neck to toes, but the next day suffered with aching pains - to be expected. It probably took me a couple of days before I really felt the benefits of the massage - and boy did I feel great. Since then I have back massages for a postural problem whenever I can afford it and would be first in the queue for an all body massage if they were £5.
  4. I had some myofascial massage in an effort to loosen up some scarctissue and adhesions it was marvellous. I certainly felt some stretching and clicking but the bit I enjoyed most was having his big male hands on me... no happy finish though

    Have you considered osteopathy? Can be useful in postural problems. Don't know if you live in London but there is a place where you can have it done much cheaper than usual if you see a student in their final year. That'd be fine if it's a simple complaint.
  5. I use a Chiropractor who has kept me happy for 10 years...I'm a fan of alternative therapies Wench. Western medicine has its place in society but as far as I'm concerned so does Chinese herbal medicine.
  6. What ever happened to a happy ending? ;)
  7. You know there is some debate around whether the Chinese therapies and practises are suited to westerners with our lifestyles and constitutions... I'm not sure where I stand on that but I do advocate practise of western herbal medicine.
  8. Indeed. Bloody expensive y'know...
  9. I have a shoulders massage from a sports massage therapist. Theyre alrite, the last was the longest i have kept my gob shut in ages. They should be able to tell you what kinda condition your back is in once theyre finished.
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  12. The reason that the word alternative appears is because none of them have ever passed clinical trials. Also, there is no such thing as western medicine. It is medicine and it has passed clinical trials. The only reason that "western" is inserted is because it makes happy clappy dim-witted new agers feel righteous and spiritual.
  13. :rolleyes:
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    Just go see your local NHS physiotherapist, they can do various things to help.

    Plus they have a proper certificate on their wall not something just printed off the internet.
  15. I have a great deal with the University Hospital of Wales free and often Physio and dental care, they seem to like my scared and knackered back as a training aid, but I get some very nice message sessions, theres a Norwegion girl in the last year of the course who could Sh ** on my chest and beat it in with a tennis raquet any time she liked