Back/Knee issues, possible bar from entry ?

first off: I apologise for posting this twice, ie once on Health and fitness board too, but this appears to be a more suitable location?.


I'm currently going through the process to become an officer. It is still very early down the line; I haven’t even been sponsored by a regiment yet, although my careers advisor said he would sponsor me if my 2 regiments weren’t interested, as they are both highly competitive.

Anyways, my main issue being I have a condition of "Sway back" or otherwise known as Scoliosis, and slight curvature of the spine. I mentioned it to the officer in my initial interview. He asked if I have any pain in my lower back or ever have had, and I gave the honest answer "No". When I was at boarding school I remember being sent to the hospital to have a check up since I was diagnosed with a case of curvature of the spine, the doctor said there was absolutely nothing wrong, and my body just didn't have perfect symmetry. Now it's all very nice and everything for me to play rugby, tennis and go to the gym, but will this prevent me from entry into the army? I mean I don't want to waste everybody's time showing me around regiments, doing the RCB Briefing and then be told that at the RCB that I don't fit the bill medically.

Another couple of medical issues I have concerns about are my knees and Allergies. When I was younger I had Osgood-Schlatter, it was pretty severe and stopped me from competing in sport for a year and a bit, my knees don't get swollen now or anything as I play rugby for a full 90 minutes and there has been no swelling since I was 14/15, although if I do kneel onto my knees I can still feel if I land hard on my knees that it is a little sensitive on the lower "bump" of the knee (I don't know the name). Regarding Allergies, I'm allergic to dust mites and cats, I suspect this wont be a problem, but if someone can tell me otherwise I would be happy to know.

Sorry for the long post, it's just if I know if I don't have a chance then I might as well save everybody a lot of time. Thank you for any advice/responses in advance.
Not sure on the medical aspects as I have been out for a while, but you need to have a word with the referee's of your rugby matches as they are playing 10 mins too long!!!!! :)


Firstly, if the OS has cleared up it will not be a problem, the curvature may be but that would depend on your medical. Some conditions are a stopper but you can appeal on a medical special enlistment authority if you can get the backing of a civvie medical specialist who will state that your condition wouldn't be affected by military training. As for the allergies, if it causes asthma, or if you have to use inhalers you need to be 4 years asthma, inhaler free before you can apply. Doing this from memory so regulations may have been changed so that even Professor Stephen Hawkins would be commissioned. Certainly if you suffer from Megalomania, erectile dysfunction and an inflated sense of your own impoirtance you'll fly in the AMS!
Herrenbloke said:
Certainly if you suffer from Megalomania, erectile dysfunction and an inflated sense of your own impoirtance you'll fly in the AMS!
yes come on in and dont forget your lamenated biff chit!!

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