back injury

strained my back on monday... wasnt too bad on mon/tues

in a bit of pain now though.. dont think its nothing serious but what do you suggest is the best way to heal it?

light exercises, walks etc, or just pure rest?

i've suspended all exercise for the time being, which is a bit of a bummer coz i'm due to start at catterick soon and wanted to cram as much in before then as i can!

also.. are them electro-pads that you stick on ya back worth gettin?

any help appreciated.
Over preperation for Catterick was maybe part of the reason that you have strained your back.
Rest is now your option. hot baths and taking it easy for a couple of days. I advise not trying to take pain killers through this as they will just block the pain. Remember the pain will remind you that you are overdoing it - so listen to your body.
The build up at ITC is quite gentle. Two weeks in is the problems with feet from new boots. Four weeks and pain from tabbing - shins, knees and back pain. After that which ever part off your body takes its fancy.

Beware though in the first wek at ITC you will have your entry medical and if you mention a back problem you will be going straight home.
i strained it on the static lift at the RSC mate

nothin major i dont think.. got a month to sort itself out anyway

i still managed to run the 1.5mile in 10:03 with it, just gotta take it easy now
You will be fine. Good luck at ITC. I was there 2001 - 2003 as a Company medic. All you have to remember is that it is all a game and all you have to do to stay on top of the game is to figure out the rules.

Take your vitamins and some glucosamine sulphate from your local health food shop.

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