Back in the days of freedom of expression...!


Some of the younger ones may not remember a popular UK band: "The Animals" who were around in the 1960s. They released a good many top ten records. One, which was released at the height of the anti-war sentiment expressed nationally at the time of the Vietnam War was extremely controversial. It was 'Sky Pilot'. It was a song about about Army Chaplains. 'Sky Pilot was, I think, the RAChD arm indicator in the 'Larkspur' era!

The last time I heard it until now was in 1968 in the 'fourth year' at Windsor Boys School Hamm, during a programme on BFBS Radio in which just about everyone in BAOR expressed vitriolic anger at what they regarded as 'Blasphemy'. It was removed from the BFBS play-list, and NAAFI refused to stock it or order it. I have never heard it played on the BBC and somehow I doubt if it ever will be.

I heard it just now on an American radio station over the internet for the first time in 41 years and found it on 'U-Tube'.

At a time when freeedom of expression has become an extremely fragile commodity in Stalanist Britain, I doubt very much that it would every be played today on any radio station in the UK, despite it's contemporary relevance as an anti-war song.


If I am not mistaken, the reason why the BBC banned the song from its airwaves was because the clip of bagpipes playing ("Blue Bonnets", IIRC) was an unauthorised recording of one of the army's pipes & drums.
One side of the argument in the religion and war debate. I rather liked it...

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