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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by polar69, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Just spent the last hour or so driving the missus round trying to locate a pissed 14 year old, the description ? Oh yes he's only wearing his boxer shorts.

    Eventually found him, needless to say he's getting another one way interview and hard labour for at least a day.

    Anyway I go to thinking what was the worst thing we used to get up to in the school holidays, me and my brother , "Pyro" used to make molotov cocktails and contribute to global warming, used to plant bangers from crow scarer cannons in cows afterbirth as well, that was a laff ! Drinking was out of the question cos the strongest thing in the house was toothpaste....never remember re-enacting manhunt in my y fronts though....

    What about you ?
  2. Hmmmm....

    Burned down the allotment huts when I was about 12. Started a wee fire that I thought would be contained in an empty milk crate.

    This milk crate, though empty, was beside others with barr's lemonade bottles. I never tried any of them because they smelled wrong. In fact stank of meths.....

    I thought I'd got away with it, even after it got well out of control and the bottles of lemonade didn't douse the burning plastic but increased the conflagration.

    Sitting at home in my gran's with no eyebrows and looking like a black n white minstrel (without the outfit!!!) and stinking like a bonfire - the kicking I got was well deserved - I coodny figure out how they knew it was me!?

    Spent the rest of the hols getting swore at, battered and worked to death - and that was only after my hard labour at the allotments.

    Ahhhhhhh the memories.....
  3. im only 21 but i never got wasted and joined gangs and assaulted people when i was younger, unlike todays youth.
    funnily enough i used to be a little pyromaniac as well, make paper aeroplanes set them alight and throw them into neighbours yards, and id melt just about anything that would melt
  4. Making crow scarer devices, get around 20 of them all taped together and then wire them up to a party popper, by breaking one open, then splitting the crow in half, and pouring the power inside the party popper, folled by the fuse from the crow.

    Next tape to a gate, extend trip wire with fishing line..........

    Or there was the April the 1st that I decided to fence off the 3 main roads into the village I grew up in, at the time, using police tape, and some home made signs telling all there had been a RTA and they had to turn back - my father couldn't see the funny side of it!
  5. Couldn't possibly say as might still get lifted for them :D but the fire seems safe. Used to have a bonfire on the school sports field and one year we stole some beer kegs from the Greystones hotel/pub and lobbed them on great fun seeing them explode jump about 40ft in the air and crack open 8) We did think about throwing a gas cylinder used for the beer on as well but we wisley thought the better of it :roll:
  6. Typical west coasters!!

    Stole beer kegs and BURNED them!!!!! BURNED THEM????

    Bretta, do you know what's inside BEER kegs?????


    Hell, i'm sixteen and i RARELY drink, and never drink on the streets. However, pyromania is high on a list of fun things.

    Harmless pyromania, i hasten to add.
  8. We used to live near a metalworks factory on the coast road in between Newcastle and Whitley Bay, our fun thing to do was steal any oxy/acet bottles, lie them next to a wall so only the fittings could be seen, take a lump of 2 x 4 and smack said fitting off, thus launching a groundborne torpedo at the metal waste skips, brilliant :D used to punch a hole straight throuh even the skips used to leap about if we managed to get a full bottle :lol:
  9. We had a building site on the outskirts of our village from when I was about 12, and we used to set up old aerosol cans on the drystone wall by the entrance and shoot at them with air rifles as the workies went by.

    And the fires they used to have to dispose of rubbish were the main attraction to every kid for miles. Amazing the things you could find to burn until the fire brigade turned up to put the bloody thing out. Spoilsports, who cares if the odd house gets a wee bit singed?
  10. Good to see the youth of today haven't lost that community spirit. I well remember throwing a handful of "penny bangers" (in the days when a penny was a penny) down a drain in the street. What a fuxxin' noise! :lol:
    Curtains would be opened with neighbours shouting "I'll tell yer dad!". Then the day one of my mates decided he wanted to hear what a slack handful of bangers would sound like in a mail box. Fxxxin' awsome as well. 8)
  11. Living out in the country as a young lad we didn't have a lot of entertainment so we made our own.

    On a farm there are lots of chemicals and if you mix them just right they go fcuking KABOOM

    It took a lot of practice before we worked out how to make things disintegrate, we nearly gassed ourselves several times by trying small amounts of chemicals in confined space.

    Our Piece De resistance was a launching a rival lads den into the air, said den was dug into a hillside we planted a couple of pound of our patent whizz bang inside lit it and ran.

    "You're only supposed to blow the Fcuking Doors Off."

    Chemical Store seriously out of bounds after that.

    Oh The days before terrorists

    Also burnt down the changing rooms of the local footie pitch, Well it was a shed / shelter really. It got out of control and no matter how we Pi*ssed on it, it would not go out.

    Oh well boys will be boys
  12. Two big bolt's, one Nut.
    Screw nut onto a bolt slightly.
    Fill the space in the nut with powder from several bangers.
    Gently screw other bolt into the nut.
    Drop mega banger from top floor of block of flats and wait for explosion and smashing of glass as bolts fly wherever!
    Can't belive we did that :oops: :twisted:
    Must be what made me want to play with loud banging things...
  13. Made a couple of homemade bombs with my cousin Tibby and blew up some old prefabs in and Aound Ayr!!! One day he was a wee bit to close and took some shrapnel to the heid!!! put paid to that!
  14. us southern softies are a wild bunch & play close to the line---once I never took my library book back for----wait for it---3 months---kooo hoo rakes & cads--wot wot. :oops:
  15. Grew up near a Fireworks Factory in the days when production was still in the UK, needless to say we used to spend a lot of time scavenging around the works disposal area for useful items!!!!

    Achieved some outstanding and spectacular explosions, which today would probably get the attention of counter terrorism.