Back in the Day


now then back in the day i remember in Basic training we were given a talk about the sexuell temptations/sins to avoid and diseases. I wonder what they are told nowadays? the correct lube to use maybe? not hating on Homosexuell or lesbains here but i remember a guy was posted out of his regiment for his own safety (sent to us)because he put a frozen sausage uo his rear passage and of course burned himself as we know cold can cause damage too. silly boy. This film below made me laugh.
Something you wish to tell the group ? dont be shy now.

Did you recover from the frostbite ?
(Warning - old ! )

In the Far East,there was a film shown to the fresh from Blighty soldiers as a warning to avoid a dose.
In order to make the point that social diseases weren't confined to 'working girls' the young soldier in the film who ended up in the Special Treatment Centre was shown as consorting with a local school-teacher.

It made the point, we certainly avoided school-teachers after seeing that.

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