Back in Service: The 60 Gun Frigate HMS Winchester


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The other day, the Daily Express sports page had a side panel for a premier league match player stats. The teams involved, according to the header in each panel were both the same, being "Insert Team Here".

It's all automated templates, and there are no sub-editors.

If you want to analyse the quality of the general populace's knowledge of things, go and watch an episode of Tipping Point. I guess that's where "journalists" come from.
There is no point lamenting modern journalism, it was ever thus.

I can't recall the writer who, I think as far back as the 1960s, pointed out that readers of newspapers, read the stories, believe what they are told, until one day they come across a piece, it could be local, sport, business whatever, that they have personal knowledge of and which they see is full of woeful inaccuracies and poor reporting, they tut-tut at the sloppy reporting and then go on to read the rest of the paper, simply accepting that everything else in the paper is reported accurately.

This has surely happened to us all and it is by no means a new phenomenon.
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Lt Cdr Orrenblor, to the life.

I was going to get all frothed at the mouth about this piece.

But at the end of t' day I just had a vision of Waterloo survivors, grousing to anyone who would listen about the 'woeful inadequacies' of the reporters on the Hampshire Chronicle (Est 1776) detailing the ins and outs of their battle.

' Remember friend as you walk by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you will surely be
Prepare thyself to follow me. '
If they can get the simple stuff wrong, what of the difficult stuff. Press is poor and not improving in my opinion.
God miltary correspondents the twats have to read maybe 3 books to be ahead of the abysmal standard of profession....


Anything from Aubrey -Maturin series Patrick O'Brian

1 of..
Anything by Bill Slim
Death to the French C.S Forrester
The Sharpe series
Fullers Decisive battles

1 of
Enemy Coast Ahead Guy Gibson
Full Circle James Edgar Johnson ... who lets note called his blacl Lab "Sally" although that's probably still an imperialist error
Anything of Alfred Price's
Rhapsody in Blue AVM Graham Williams
Anything by Eric 'Winkle' Brown

any other suggested killer three's to slay journalistic ignorance?
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I'll have you know HMS Winchester was in service last year.

With HMS Westminster.

Royal Navy frigate HMS Westminster has “kept watch” over China’s destroyer Xian, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced. HMS Winchester was deployed following a five-month mission with NATO, and is patrolling the waters after sister frigate HMS St Albans escorted the same warship through the Channel and into the North Sea. The Royal Navy said in a statement: “Royal Navy frigate HMS Westminster has kept watch on a Chinese warship sailing through the English Channel this weekend.

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