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Back in Black, 40 years old.

You and I are the same age. I too bought Back in Black 40 years ago. Aussie radio has been playing it non stop today; IMHO the second greatest rock and roll band ever.

The Young brothers were truly brilliant; spanning the Easy Beats to Acca Dacca via John Paul Young’s Love is in the Air.

As for 1980, here’s a list of what else was released. Not a good year for Rock. Massive album....

I am also around the same age. I am pretty sure I bought just about every album from 1980, except those from U2, X, XTC, and John and Yoko... I guess I have an aversion to one dimensional acts, or perhaps I am confused by acronyms and initials containing letters beyond "D".
Hmm... I finally learned the riff to Back in Black about six months ago. Since my teenage years I'd being massacring it but, recently, I decided to do it properly once and for all.

- To the extent that I bought a Marshall modelling amp to be able to dial-in the correct combo of preamp, power-amp, and speaker cabinet. I even splashed out on a pedal to simulate the 'companding' effect of the Young Bros. wireless system.

I'm quite very pleased with the result. But now I'm reminded that it's only taken me 40 years to do it...

Thanks for that...
Never too late. Turn the amp up to 11 and break some glass!
Ay my Nans house in mid Wales. My uncle Graham was properly into his music, I was 7 years old when Motorhead "On Parole" assaulted my ears. Been into Heavy Metal ever since.

Fast forward onto Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Death Angel, Sacred Reich, Flotsam and Jetsam etc etc.
Girls in school loved my long hair and rebellious Outlook on things.


Couldn't find that one but found his Kronenbourg ad, sums up French rural life perfectly.
My all-time recent regret was in 2012 and Lemmy with Hawkwind were headlining the rock festival on the beach at La Rochelle.
It was also the year we moved to France and the priority then was putting a new roof on the old house.
Hawkwind and Lemmy came second, to my subsequent and everlasting regrets, and the rock festival on the beach is no more.
Now a Francofolies celebration of French music FFS.

You know when you're getting old when the "rebellious" songs of your youth get used for adverts :(


or get used on Strictly !!!
Never seen it, I suspect I'm not missing much

No1 song for making No1 daughter walkout of the room/house

Bet you can't guess her name :)
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No Bon, no AC/DC; the Youngs needed a frontman and he provided that in spades. I think BJ was a great choice as replacement, but the original was always the best. RIP Bon Scott, arguably Forfar's greatest son.

If you ever find yersel in Kirriemuir, yeken pay yer respects. ETA, there is also a Bonscott Avenue or rd in the village.
What about Dave Evans?

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What about him?

'Former AC/DC manager Michael Browning wrote in his memoir Dog Eat Dog of Evans: "No disrespect to Dave, but they wouldn't have made it with him as singer. He could sing OK, but he didn't have the character Bon brought into the band. The character, the sense of humour, the swagger. They were never going to go as far as they went with Dave out front. Bon was the real deal."


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