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Back in Black, 40 years old.

12 year old kids act like sheep and if one does something, the others all do it. That “thing” at the time was to use what I now know to be a 37 pattern small pack as a school bag. We would paint the flap with several coats of thick gloss paint so it went hard, and then trace and paint the logo of our band of choice on it. Mine was black with AC/DC in red. At least my pack was Khaki. A few kids indicated their future lack of achievement with RAF blue ones. I think they were 50p cheaper or something
Ha Ha, I remember my backpack a couple of years ealier than you had the Confederate flag painted on it (Lynard Skynard) I wanted the cover of Rainbow "Rising" , but it was too difficult to paint!
I had AC/DC playing in the car the other week while drying her off and polishing. Two young lads cycle past and ask me to turn it up, then sit head nodding to Thunderstruck and Heatseeker.

There is hope for today's youth.
Took my son to see Disney's Planes 2 (Fire & Rescue) at the cinema a few years back. There's a scene in it where all the planes scramble to fight a forrest fire to the tune of AC/DC's Thunderstruck. I looked around the cinema and nearly all the Dad's were nodding their heads!
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This one is in my top ten favourite albums though - always keep the CD in my car...

Saw them play Loughborough University Student Union in 1979. Support act was UB40.

Neither have a place on a thread about the worlds second greatest rock and roll band.

Rock me Babe


The crowd at one minute fifty five seconds in. Looks like an ocean. And this was when Malcolm was suffering from dementia and he was having to learn the riffs he wrote before performances. Within two years he couldn't remember the songs anymore.

Such a shame we wont ever see this again.

Seen them a few times from 80 till 2016 and London Stadium. Nearly binned it when I saw Jonna was done and Axl Rose brought in. Glad I didn't - crackin show and showed my two sons what a band should be like.

Back in Black (the album, not the song) good, but Powerage better.

Like I said on my previous post, these guys are the only proper rock band to succeed AC/DC in my opinion, I was at this show as well dripping in beer in the wall of death down the front and absolutely loving it
They still had it 30 years later....
Here they are rocking River Plate in 2009. Not many bands can get 90,000 people bouncing like this. I would give anything to have been there.

Edited to add: please watch the full concert on Youtube "ACDC Live at River Plate". Its simply amazing!

Thunderstruck played at River Plate, is one of my favourite videos, truly awesome! Only 177,000,000 views!

Beaten to it by @Danatanian but sod it! Here it is again!


I'm on this video, look to the left of the sound/lighting control there...see?
Awesome day out.
The Black Crowes were good as well IIRC.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap was also excellent at that River Plate gig!

You're right, it is!

I have a friend who was Them, and during Gulf Unpleasantness 1, went roaming around in a CVRT playing this!

Thanks to @Murphy_Slaw for the thread. You will be pleased to know, I have sacked work this afternoon to watch ACDC videos instead!
I remember badgering my parents to fork out £18 for the Let There Be Rock vhs tape from HMV on Northumberland Street, Newcastle which was a fortune back then, 1984 or 85.

I might have been 14 or 15 and destroyed the tape within 3 years due to constant viewing.

I still have all the ACDC vinyl up to and including Blow Up Your Video. All the Aussie imports HV and TNT, and Jailbreak 74.

No they're not for sale but I can send pics for.....amusement, let's say.


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I see your 40 years and raise you 50. Paul Rodgers at the Royal Albert Hall, commemorating the 50 years since the formation of Free.

And at 70 years old, he can still leave most singers for dead....



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You Shook Me All Night Long from the same gig is awesome. Knocked me out with those Argentinian thighs.

That song was on the video jukebox in the NAAFI, Keogh Barracks, during my basic and trade training.

It gave rise to one of the best comedy moments from training as at 2:46 (roughly) into the song the voice of J*** C****** M**** 24****50 DOB **/05/71 could be heard to say "oh to be a bicycle seat"


(his DOB and number were very similar to mine which is why I can remember the details after many years)
Saw them play Loughborough University Student Union in 1979. Support act was UB40.

Neither have a place on a thread about the worlds second greatest rock and roll band.

Rock me Babe

Well you were the one that posted the link to the 1980 album list...

Both albums are 40 years old. I have both.

Pretenders get played more often than ACDC in my car...

Still, I'll bugger off and leave your thread alone....


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Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
When I listen to ACDC*
my neighbours do too

*or Metallica, Iron Maiden, Twisted sister and so on

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