Back from the dead... or not dead in the first case...

BBC reports the story of the old boy from Manchester who went walkabout in 2003, put into local care home, whilst his son was advised of his Father's death (John Doe vagrant), funeral, cremation, to then see his Father appear on TV in an appeal to find out who he is.

GMP have got a few questions to answer, haven't they? :D

Source: 'Cremated' father turns up on TV

A man has been reunited with his father after spotting him on television - five years after he thought he was cremated.

John Renehan's father John Delaney went missing in 2000 and when a decomposed body matching his description was found in 2003 he was identified by a coroner.

But it has emerged that Mr Delaney, 71, of Oldham, had actually been put in a care home after being found wandering around the town with memory loss.

Police admitted "mistakes were made" in the identification process.

When Mr Delaney was found in 2000 in a confused state in Copsterhill Road he was unable to give any clues about his identity.

He was given the name "David Harrison" and placed in the care home where he stayed for eight years.

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