Back from ITC - Any Questions???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by villa_rotterdam82, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. I am just back from ITC Catterick on Christmas leave having just finished week 12 so I was wondering if anybody had any questions about life at ITC?

    I found this site invaluable before I started training so if I can help anybody then fire away...
  2. Hi mate, im a little curious about life at basic training with time off and can you tell me how physically demanding the fitness sessions are?
  3. You don't get any time off until you pass off the square at week 6. After that, lessons normally finish at 5 and the evenings should be used to get admin sorted. You do get a bit more free time though. As for weekends, you can go home after week 6, unless they are taken off you by your training staff.

    As for PT, the whole thing is progressive. Personally I found the sessions very hard for the first few weeks and I used to dread them. Now I quite enjoy them and you can notice the difference in your fitness levels

    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for that, I still think i need to up my fitness. thanks
  5. What do you do on weekends? All my family & friends are from Ireland so going back is kinda stupid, do most lads go home or go out & get p*ssed
  6. Probably about 50% of the platoon goes home every weekend but everybody tends to go back the weekend after we get paid. That said, there are quite a few who stay in camp and go out in Darlington on the smash every weekend. You'll get to know people outside of your own platoon as well so there's no shortage of people to go out with if you can't go home
  7. Hows it all sorted with sections and stuff? How many people turned up to ITC and how many people in a section? Also did u attend the 2 week catch up course before ITC started??
  8. When you arrive at ITC you are allocated to a section. There are 4 sections in our platoon, but it could be 3 depending on the numbers. You share a room with your section so it's 12 blokes to a room. We started with 47 in the platoon and we've lost about 10 already, 2 from my section.

    I didn't do the 2 week course before ITC so I can't really comment on that one
  9. What were there reasons for leaving ('lost')?
  10. Misunderstanding? Christmas leave = time off over xmas and new years..
  11. No , people have left his platoon and some of them were from his section .. was just wondering , why ?.
  12. whats this 2 week catch up course i keep reading about? is it only at the ITC or is it at every ATR as i'll be going to pirbright.
  13. I think he may be referring to the 3 week Physical Development Course - which to my knowledge is available at any ATR , feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.
  14. so its fitness catch up sorta thing before you start ph1?
  15. orite lads

    so do you just get offered it or do you have to ask? Whats the accomidation like in Catterick? Did you gel easily with the rest of your section?