Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gunny Highway, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. Masterbate, every day.
  2. That would be Onan Keating, then.....
  3. Whatever takes your fancy. Ask Grumblin_subalten.
  4. Don't get pissed up and wander off on your own...= you'll be up shit creek.

    Don't bite at people who take about "doing the whole ville". They'll never know.

    Don't bollock your girlfriends mates. They are curious and will ask the question..

    Don't "not give a f*uck". No matter how unimportant it seems to you, it means more to others. :lol:
  5. I hear some jolly nice people have organised a street party in London to show their gratitude for people like us to celebrate the wonderfull job we have done in Iraq. You might wan't to tag along with them.........and kick their fcuking heads in.

  6. try an ex!! and plenty of stella and voddy..will not solve anything , but you wont care either :wink:

    but if the shit hits the fan in your mind real bad try
  7. one bottle of squeezy sinex to get rid of snot and rest of me for phone number to find out where we are going on the piss! i am willing to wait a couple of days while you practice the art of stella! it really is an essential part of living :D no matter how pissed i get i promise not to say how much i love you, how much i hate my ex, how my kids are the greatest etc. I will not get jealous when you elope with a hunk you met 5 minutes ito our piss-up, ( as long as you tell me you are leaving), and as far as i remember i have never shagged your mother, father or dog!!
  8. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    A mate of mine said she did nothing when she got back but eat all the stuff she couldn't get over there. Apparently she lost loads of weight over there and was trying to put it all back on with one mega-pig-out session.

    She said the same about alcohol as you :(

    Eat lots. Turn the heating up. Drink lots of hot chocolate.

    Move South??

  9. ex

    I simply don't believe you young man!
  10. Lord Flasheart said:
    and yes a very young man compared with you... :lol:

    hey read it properly you ols fart you!!
    I am saying I don't remember..not saying I may not have... :D

    i am just trying to help in a time of need....
  11. A good hard shag will sort you out 8)
  12. I'm a good catholic'd probably hurt me :wink:
  13. For f*ck sake...get a load of Vix on ya chest, crank up the heater to max, throw on some tracky bottoms and and a HH top..sweat like a monkey for two nights, whislt weening yourselve back into booze with whiskey. Then like a beautiful butterfly, bloom into the weekend looking foxy, an agent provocateur. Then you can have snot free loving without having to lower your standards because you looked like a goul whilst ill. :wink:
  14. Bags I get to rub the Vicks on yer chest!