Back dramas... any advice?

Hi fellas... Training for a course and started to have a wee bit of back pain... between shoulder blades.

Been to the back quack and didn't help that much.

Doing a lot of bergen work for the course and its getting a bit tedious now... especially when i add belt kit into the equasion.

Anyone out there experianced the same and found a cure?

Gen help is appriciated along with all the slaggings this post raise... but hey
its all good fun. 8O
Find youself a decent physio or PTI chum. Far more practical & effective than the MO, who'll probably only give you pink bombs anyway. A spray can of deep heat may help in the short term.


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I prolapsed a disk playing rugby and a cyropractor eased the pain. If the doc isn't being overly helpful, ask to see a physio and they can refer you to the MIAC clinic who may refer you for an MRI scan or possibly just to the RRU. PM if you need any more details.

Get down the local pool and get some wet time in. Also try hanging upside down. You don't have to be vertical, just try one of those back boards on the multigyms - hook your feet under the restraint cushions and just lie back. Alternatively, sack it. You WILL pay dearly in later life - like me with my fcuked knees, back and failing eyesight (hardly surprising really) - not to mention thinning pate. Woe is me etc.
You need to look after your back by sleeping night as well as by working day.
Buy a proper (approved) mattress that gives you back support and ensure that your sleeping position/posture is not detrimental to you. Sounds silly but it can make a difference if you have back problems or reduce risk, etc.

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