Back dating recruits pay?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Discipline, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Have been in now for coming up to 3 months, WOW ?
    Have got my medical tomorrow, have been told by recruiting staff that my TAC has stopped back dating pay from when you first turned up, in my case that would be coming up to 12 Drill nights.
    My question is?
    Do other Tacs back date recruits pay when they receive there reg number or is it something that every one says happens, but in reality doesn’t. Or should it?
  2. Why has it taken 12 weeks to get a medical?
  3. you can normally only get back dated pay from the time you got your number/attested, if you have a good PSAO, he/she will find ways of paying you for your drill nights etc that you have come in prior to this time.

    A medical should be undergne prior to ANY training being undertaken for Health & Safety reasons, if you collapsed during training the army would not have a leg to stand on if you did not have a medical.
  4. Have you been attested yet??. If not, then your attendance is voluntary.

    In my experience, you have to have had a medical before you can be attested. Something to do with being "Fit For Service".
  5. WH, the reason ave only just got my medical now is because it has taken my TAC just under 12 weeks to security clear me, the fact that it took half that time in my present job and probably up to a higher standard ,and the fact am a Ex Reg of 9 Years obviously didn’t come in to it? What makes me think it was an administrative delay?
  6. i have had experience of ex regs paperwork taking its time, as the departments concerned, as usual do NOT talk to each other.
  8. What were you doing on the 12 drill nights?

    The way I have figured it out is that pay can be backdated from when you are attested, before that you are simply a civi turning up.. After that you can/should be getting paid, but you've got to sign in on the nights you attended, this pay should then turn up once your number arrives, which can take months although should be faster with the new admin system in place. At least that how it works in my mob. Saying that you should not have done any work paid or otherwise with the TA until you've had your medical, deffinate H & S thing there.

    I've known ex-regs applications to take longer to get sorted out than people who have not served as kit_man says this appears to be because departments do not talk to each other.

    The lowest three checks should normally only take about a month, or a bit longer if complications are found, according to the DVA site. You'd understand why it would take more than 12 weeks for the highest clearance if you had just got it done, I don't think fresh recruits are ever cleared ti this level anyway, maybe op mi types..

    Did you know you could have simply had your vetting transferred from your current employer to the TA, if it was sufficient/valid for the role? At least you can have it transferred out of the TA to other organisations.
  9. My original question was do other Tacs back date recruits pay when they receive there reg number or is it something that every one says happens, but in reality doesn’t. Or should it?

    Am i right in thinking that if it does happen its a bonus,cause it should'nt happen anyway?
    And that if you don't get back pay!! well you don't lose out because you were not entitled to it anyway??
    Any thoughts out there??
  11. If you were attested on the days you trained then you should be paid for them, since you are a 'trainee soldier', make a note of dates/times and compare to your pay sheets, back payments tend to be paid seemingly randomly. If you were not then tough luck, you should have been down the pub or back home with the wife and don't deserve they pay, however since you were doing drill, recog etc you must have been sworn in...?

    First couple of nights doing nothing sounds about right as you'd be a fresh recruit and they can do very little with you til some admin has been performed, and the troops may be doing things you can't be let near. It gets better in time... Knowing what it's like they may end up doing something crazy and making you a det commander or something but not allow you a weapon until you've redone your CMS(R) - if you've been out too long, heh.
  12. Thanks TA- Sig, your last paragraph starting off with, First couple of nights, if think is spot on I suppose most TACs are like that in the beginning?Or are they?
    Just to throw a spanner into the works, I am keen on jumping onto the recruiting and training side of things in the TAC, although I would only be a private?
  13. As an ex reg the time to join takes ages as your unit has to request Glasgow to get your form 200 as proof of regular service. This is apparently because some naughty ex regs told porkie pies about their discipline/qualifications/length of service/rank (delete as appropriate) and they will not do anything until your F200 comes in. I also think that until you are attested and have your Army number you cannot get paid. Did you not parade and fill in the sheet at your TAC?
  14. Thanks NAP6W, as for Ex Regs telling pork pies, I thought that the Red discharge bible book would be sufficient prove enough after all it is signed by your C.O. upon discharge, any way I have got my Med today and attestment fingers crossed should be straight after, in answer to your question, I have not been signing? I have never come across a book to sign in? Must ask! I have a Reg Number already so I will start? Never know back pay might come to light, which was the original question.
    Any ideas on jumping onto the recruiting and training side of things in a TAC, although I would only be a private?
  15. don't you get to your rank from the regs?