Back-dated child tax

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Families have just days left to claim a tax allowance which could be worth more than £1,000.

    People who have children aged under 16 between April 6, 2001 and April 5, 2003, ware likely to have been eligible for Children's Tax Credit Relief.

    But families who failed to collect the benefit during the 2002/03 tax year have just 12 days left in which to lodge their claim with HM Revenue & Customs.

    This is because, under Revenue rules, unclaimed benefits can only be back-dated for five years, meaning that the 2007/2008 tax year is the last one during which the benefit can be claimed, and tax returns for that year must be submitted by midnight on January 31.

    People who failed to collect it for the 2001/02 tax year have already missed out.

    The benefit, which is not means-tested, is worth £529 a year, with families who had a child born during the period when it was available eligible for a further £520.

    Children's Tax Credit Relief was only in existence for two years, before being replaced by the Child Tax Credit, and as a result it is thought that many families may never have realised they were eligible to claim it.

    The money is offset against the amount of income tax people pay, rather than being a cash payment, and families receive only one credit a year, regardless of how many children they have.

    The Revenue warned people who thought they might be eligible that it had become aware of a number of agencies that were offering to reclaim the benefit on families' behalf, often taking a significant amount of the money due as their fee.

    It urged people who thought they may be due the benefit to contact the Revenue directly, as it would assess their eligibility for free.

    • The Inland Revenue says the quickest way to claim is to download a copy of the claim form from
    You can also visit your local tax office or inquiry centre where staff will download the form for you to fill in immediately.
    You can find the nearest centre in the phonebook.
    The self- employed can make a claim on their tax return. Those who have filed this already may be entitled to a rebate. Employees need to fill in form 11CTC.

    do any of thr pay guru's know if the MOD already changed our tax codes when this was first introduced :?: :?: :?: :?:
  2. I phoned up the other day, they said we'd had it already!

  3. Knonker,

    thanks for posting this, but do you know how to find out the tax office that the forces personell have to use, as ive not been posted to the UK since 1997. and im a thicket and couldnt find it online.


    edit to add.- they also asked me for my Employer's PAYE reference and i havent a clue were to find that??
  4. I phoned up and they had not done it so £1000 ish coming my way
  5. Ty Glas ,
    Cardiff and I have to go to work at the moment but I'll get back with the Freephone number and Fax number later today. I'm in NZ by the way!
  6. 0845 7 660 830

    states you need your NI number.
  7. HMIT Public Department 2(MU1)
    Ty Glas
    Cardif, CF14 5YA

    Tel: 0845 3003949

    found em