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Just wondering if anyone has templates for back briefs / examples of ones on their pc? This seems to be something usually conducted by Capt or above and as a lowly subby i have little / no past experience of giving a back brief to OCs.

Cheers in advance
No formal template for a back-brief exists, so it's down to a bit of judgement on what your comd expects.

You'll find an example point-brief in JSP101a, however, these are normally done for more senior officers, so is probably not suitable.

As a guide, stick to LM format, fol g1, g2 etc headings, with key activity that he needs to know and critically, what action he needs to take by when.


goon_bde is right. Some formations have a standard backbrief format in their SOIs but basically you just need to follow a sensible briefing format (depending on the circumstances) and make sure that you are answering the questions that will be in all the keen recipients' minds. :D


Westy - ask him! Better to ask for clarification and then give him exactly what he wants than try and guess then get it wrong.

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