Babylon - I need to kill it.

Like a dildo I managed to download the wanky Babylon brouser tool which turns out to effectively just be a spamming virus.

I have followed 2 of the Mozilla guides to kill the thing and I thought I had, that was until it popped up on a new tab a few hours later when I opened a Daily Mail link to the bird with the huge arse.

Done a browser tab reset, done the uninstall on anything from yesterday or today but the bastard thing is still lurking elsewhere.

Is there a virus killer for it?
Nope different thing. for restore click start button, then click all programs, then click accessories, click system tools,click system restore, pick date and time to restore to , follow instructions.

edited to add: After system restore you may have to update other applications eg: flash player/mozilla/java, if there have been updates in that time.
That being a bit drastic I didn't do it.

Went into config and reset anything to do with it on a search, then cleared all history and then closed and re opened FF.

Seems to have worked.
Glad you've solved the issue but system restore isn't drastic. It's a nice handy tool for when updates are buggy, all it does is take your system back to when it worked without issue :)
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