Babylon A.D.

Just wanted to warn you off watching this film. It's utter dogwank and has nothing going for it. Complete waste of 2 hours. Watch Dark Knight again or something, just please don't watch this...
Is that the one with Van Dismal?

Made by and for French tastes so what did you expect.

3 hours of moody lighting followed by fcuk all is the norm.


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Damn shame that - but thanks for saving me two hours.

Mr Happy

63TV Guide Staff (Not credited)
Rich with atmosphere but too similar to films ranging from "Children of Men" to "Doomsday" to carve out its own distinctive niche.

50LA Weekly Vadim Rizov
If nothing else, it's nice to see an action movie that takes Europe, not America, as its grounding point.

40Los Angeles Times Michael Ordona
This is not a terrible movie, but it's too familiar by half and too confusing by a third.

40Variety Jordan Mintzer
A noisier, costlier version of "Children of Men," yet lacking that film's social-political significance and jaw-dropping direction.

40Empire James Dyer
Brawny but brainless techno-twaddle.

38ReelViews James Berardinelli
The lackluster acting and horrendous dialogue don't help.

38The Globe and Mail (Toronto) Jason Anderson
The storyline is a sinkhole that swallows up any sense and suspense.

33Entertainment Weekly Adam Markovitz
When martial arts star Michelle Yeoh shows up as a pious, butt-kicking nun, you have to wonder if Kassovitz isn't accidentally cribbing from Mel Brooks, too.

33The Onion (A.V. Club) Keith Phipps
As long it sticks to that chase, Babylon A.D. remains a sub-passable lead-footed action film with neat scenery.

30Austin Chronicle Marc Savlov
It's not a great action dust-up by any means.

25Boston Globe Tom Russo
When this Vin Diesel vehicle isn't pointlessly frenzied, it's narratively inert, wasting some decent production design, and a French-flavored cast primed for fun.

20Film Threat Felix Vasques Jr.
Wants to be three different films at one time but sadly never asks much from Diesel other than to grunt, stomp around, and reprise the role that made him a star.

20The New York Times A.O. Scott
Our judgments, in any case, may be superfluous, since the director, Mathieu Kassovitz, has already publicly described it as "pure violence and stupidity."

20New York Daily News Elizabeth Weitzman
The plot makes absolutely no sense.

10The Hollywood Reporter Michael Rechtshaffen
A towering heap of nihilistic nonsense that plays like a cornball "Children of God."

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