Baby Warriors Post Lots

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by scotscop, Mar 11, 2004.

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  1. you baby warriors post a fcuk load really dont you's, do some studying or get down the SU or something :p
  2. we like to post during lectures before during and after being on the piss...
  3. when you only have 7 hours a week what else are you supposed to do? Get a job, put something back to society, nah, Postins much more fun
  4. Unless you're a first year arts / joint honours in underwater basket weaving and rocket science student... three or four hours of lectures a week.... no bloody wonder there's so many postings!

    Us poor chaps trying to earn a crust though.... the multitude of posts we've produced is purely down to the yearning to skive!
  5. manchestermonkey - Thing about the kids in the OTC is they still have hope!

    That is until they leave tertiary education and realise that graduates get sh*t pay and are only offered jobs that a monkey could do.

    About the same time they regret all the tax payers' money that they p*ssed against the wall ( and have to pay back) and wish that they'd got a job as a plumber.

    At least a plumber has a chance of getting a mortgage sometime in the future ( as well as a Porsche, trophy wife, holiday home in Spain and country pile in Hampshire).

    Let 'em play for a while :D
  6. ah hootch

    There is some truth in your post except for the regret thing, I dont think that anybody actually regrets going to uni. The shit pay this is a bit wrong too as well (i have first hand experience of this). Regretting taxpayers money well not really. Being a plumber not particularly.

    But apart from all that yeah your daed right
  7. The pay is not shit when you get the job you studied for etc, if you get a job in McDonalds et al you could be right mate.
  8. words of wisdom from a man who can never be aerrsed doing his work. Clearly got into an interesting, stimulating job Cheekster.
  9. I'm on fantastic pay, and I finished university less than 2 years ago!
  10. yeah but i bet your knees are all blistered and your throat full of protein :p
  11. But I don't think £5 per is something you should be proud of.
  12. But my manager says I should be up for promotion soon...
  13. Well done, maybe ATL will give you £6....
  14. based on performance in a trial period.
  15. No wonder the army recruits so many ex-students, and the majority of these are probably 'recruited' in the last year of their course or post uni unemployment! Anyway uni lasts but for a fleeting time so drink up guys, it'll soon be over......UNLUCKY!