Baby P stepfather found guilty of raping another child

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Words fail me

    "The man convicted of causing the death of Baby P has this afternoon been found guilty of raping another child.

    The verdict, which has just been announced at the Old Bailey, comes six months after revelations of cruelty and abuse against Baby P, who we can now reveal was called Peter.

    The latest victim, a two-year-old girl, was on Haringey Council’s at-risk register.

    The man cannot be identified for legal reasons and was tried under a false name amid fears that an internet hate campaign would try to influence jurors."
  2. a shilling for the man who brings me this fuckers head
    another tenpence for the cunt of a mother too

  3. At risk of what? Failing to celebrate diversity?

    Baby P was on the register too. He ended up living in a house with a convicted paedophile, the paedophile's under age girlfriend and a bloke with a bigger collection of Nazi memorabilia than the Imperial War Museum.

    I knew something like this was on the cards when our rapist friend didn't get sentenced after conviction last year. Neither did Baby P's mother so she must have been standing trial with this canute. I bet the victim was one of Baby P's sisters.

    Stand by for another proclamation of innocence from Haringey council.

    Mariner's predict-o-matic sentence estimator reckons that the mother will be out next year.

    The father/rapist can get 14 years for killing Baby P. If he gets less for the rape, he'll only serve the longer sentence.

    That means 7 years with automatic remission. Five years including time on remand. Less than 5 if emergency release is still operating.

    Five years or less for killing a child and raping another child. Makes me puke!
  4. Seconded Ancient Mariner.

    My mistake was posting in the Naffi Bar.

    As I spent/spend most of my time there it was the natural place for me to post.

    My bad. :oops:
  5. Bang him up forever with all the offspring of Haringey council members. Failing that the members themselves. A big pit should do it. A couple of hundred feet deep. That should re-adjust their . . . behaviour :x :x :x
  6. The step father & mother should be stood against the wall and have white phos fired at them the Bstards.
  7. Gitmo has some recently vacated cells, and you need something to practice interrigation techniques, water boarding has to learned you know!
  8. The step father & mother should both be locked up forever and never let out in to society or near children ever again .
  9. Fcuk off chubb :roll:
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Just think how much money they will waste on retraining staff to wring their hands more, be more indecisive and fill out reams of forms before they actually do anything in the light of this new twist in the tale.
  11. This piece of filth will be out of prison before Baby P would have reached secondary school age.

    The government aren't too bothered about murderes and rapists, they're too concerned with long sentences for financial crimes like fraud and non-payment of council tax.

    For shame.
  12. look on the bright side ... once this fecker is inside, he's getting an extra grin first chance a real hard case gets.
  13. my bold

    no he will not
    he will die inside even if i have to do the job myself!
    c'mon three shillings the pair and i'll throw in his brother for 'nowt
  14. This had me shouting at the tv when I saw this. Unbelievable!

    If the fcuker had any remorse he'd have pleaded guilty and saved the poor girl the traumatic experience of giving evidence about her abuse in court (albeit video link).

    I wouldn't get tired of giving this cnut a fcuking good sorting out.

    Lets hope plenty of people on the inside don't either. Beers on me for any warden turning a blind one for the extra time penalty shoot out using this scumbags bollox.


    And relax...
  15. How is keeping animals like this alive in prison justifiable?

    Society puts down dogs for less. :x