Baby P - Peter

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scuba_frog, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Im a bit of a flippant poster but this one is beyond the pale

    The creature convicted of killing baby P - Peter, has won his appeal against an IPP - he has been given 6 years.

    He will be out in 2012 bearing in mind time served and parole.

    Why do we bother? Why dont we just do what the fcuk we like and fcuk the silly consequences that go with it.

    Am I allowed to start a vigilante call here....NO!- in that case sorry I asked....
  2. It's happened because under a Labour government the criminal has become more important than a victim.

    Death to Labour.
  3. 2012, then no doubt, new identity, round the clock protection.

    We need a total clearout of the judiciary once we consign this government to the dustbin of history.

    If there ever was a case that justified capital punishment it was this one.
  4. His lawyers argued there was no clear case that he would prove a danger to people if released (or words to that effect). It beggarsd belief. Is this the price we put on the life of an innocent? How can lawyers go to bed at night defending sh1ts like this? It is an absolute disgrace that judges pass such meaningless sentences.
    I pray that this cnut gets well and truly fcuked up royally while inside.
  5. Well maybe his cellmate will be a nice, understanding sort of chap and deal with him in the way best befitting his crime.
    Fukcing lowlife cnut.
  6. Justice in Britain under Labour?,more chance of snow in the Australian Outback on Christmas Day.

    Has the judicary and Justice Ministry now been totally infiltrated by the reds?.

    Via the Gaurdian public sector situations vacant suppliment,of course.
  7. Bring Back Hanging, They won't ever re-offend. job done. end of.
  8. Seconded. Most judges are so far out of touch with reality they could'nt make contact with with a ten-foot pole.

    Stupid, weak, cowardly, pathetic old men(and women). Exterminate them with the rest of the untermench. :evil:

  9. Err, no he hasn't. Let's not get the outrage bus out just yet shall we?

    The man who has won an appeal is Jason Owen who, whilst he's still a low life piece of scum, didn't actually kill baby Peter.
    Stephen Barker killed Baby Peter.
    Jason Owen is his brother who was a lodger at the house at the time of the offence.
    You need to check your sources better than that.

    Here's the linky to the news item about it.

  10. By all means be a liberal BS, but dont waste your liberalism on this cockroach. This piece of vermin raped a 2 year old girl so, to be out in 2 years and NOT be a danger to society (as found by the CA) beggars belief. I've read many of your psots, I respect your pretty middle line often in the face of sacnctimonious outrage but this, THIS is beyond the pale. This vermin needs putting down and I say that not only as a father, but also a liberal.

    I shall now shut the fcuk up and have a ****.
  11. Semantics, Barking; he took part in the abuse. He did absolutely nothing to try and stop Peter's suffering. He's a worthless piece of garbage, and I'm not only getting out the Outrage Bus, I want to tie Barker to the rear bumper and drag the cnut down the highway until there's no skin left on him! :evil: :threaten:

    Anyone who takes part in the sexual abuse and torture of a helpless child will ALWAYS be a risk to others. You cannot cure a rabid dog. Some people are just evil. You can either kill them or lock them up until they die. What you should not do is sentance them to approx. three years in jail, then let them out to hurt someone else, just because some retarded old cnut of a judge cares more about the letter of the law than justice. Or protecting the public who pays his wages! :x :pissedoff: :pissed:

    And...breathe. :whew:
  12. I didn't infer any of that, just that you've got your details wrong.
    I don't know what Jason's part in it all was, (he might have just been shagging his 15 year old girlfriend for all we know). He might have been fully aware and turned a blind eye. - Which I reckon is more like it.
    I did say I thought he was a low life piece of scum.

    But he didn't kill Peter.
  13. Yes, but this is why we should always prove a linky thing to posts like this, so people don't get the wrong end of the stick. Jason is a cnut, but Stephen is the really evil cnut that did the deed. The mother is lower than a fcuking snakes belly. I'm not excusing any of their behaviour and as the father of three children myself, I'd be happy for all those cnuts to suffer horribly. I just pointed out the error.
  14. Fair one, Spider. I was may have over-reacted; partly it was frustration, knowing that none of the three will be punished for Peter's suffering and death. You are correct in saying the mother, the one woman Peter should have been able to trust with his life, is the worst. Because she betrayed him.

    All three should be put to death. Or at the very least locked in abare cell until they die.

    I have absolutely no faith in, or respect for, the criminal justice system in this country. It is a pathetic joke. :evil:
  15. Point taken BS but to watch or do, they're all murderers and, from a medical piont of view, I'd love to rip out that bitches fallopian tubes with my teeth whilst wearing a neckless of those ****'s severed penises.