Baby P mum says sorry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, May 21, 2009.

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  1. The b1tchwh0re mother of tragic Baby P has sent a handwritten note to the judge ahead of her sentencing proferring an apology for failing in her duties and letting her son be abused. Strange how she has been thus far quiet.

    Hang her.

    Twas on ITN
  2. Yeah I've just read this, it's good to see she's stooping as low as she can to try and lighten her jail time, it's good in the way that it will do absolutely no good at all, complete waste of her time and energy as I'm sure the Judge passing her sentence will be well aware of the backlash he/she will get if the mother doesn't get maximum tuppence licking time in the clink. Still, I'm having a pint tonight and watching some Rugby, she's locked up and that makes the beer taste that little bit nicer.
  3. Oh, that's all right then.
  4. Beat me to it.

    At the very least, this bitch should be locked in a bare cell, 24/7, for the rest of her worthless life.

    Of course, the reality is she'll get off with a few years in some fcuking HMP hotel. And probably sell her story via Max fcuking Clifford... :x :x

    Justice? Don't be so fcuking stupid... :evil:
  5. I'm guessing it was an 'honest mistake'? That 'lessons have been learned'? That it's time to 'draw a line under' her failure as a mother and a human being?

    If she really means it I for one will be heartily surprised. I also don't believe it matters a jot.
  6. Works for MP's................

  7. So true, but MPs are above the 'Law' apparently.
  8. Personally if I was the judge I would increase her sentence for such a blatent and tranparent attempt to get a leaner sentence.
  9. Did she really compose and write that letter.............?
    Or does she have a good PR man/woman?
    If I were the judge I would check this before sentencing - and lock her up for ever if it is someone else's work.
  10. I will pray every night for her agonising death!
  11. Let's see. The maximum sentence for her offence is 14 years.

    She pled guilty so she'll get one third off leaving 9 years and four months.

    She's been on remand or awaiting sentencing for 2 years leaving 7 years and 4 months.

    50% automatic remission leaves 3 years and 8 months.

    Emergency release? Who knows. A number of barristers have voiced the opinion that she'll be out next year with a million quids worth of new identity. That, of course, assumes that she gets the maximum sentence. With her being a victim of poverty/child murder/Thatcher etc etc that is by no means certain.

    Hence 14 years turns into 18 months courtesy of the folks who informed us that porn movies and moat clearing are legitimate business expenses.

    Of more concern is the boyfriend of the 'bloated lump of whale spunk' (Copyright © Old Holborn). He broke the baby's back after raping his two year old sister. He was convicted of failing to prevent the death of Baby P, same as the mother, so he can get a maximum of 14 years for that. He could get life for the rape if the judge considers him to be dangerous.

    If he gets less than a whole life tariff, I'll be waiting for him when he gets out, ready to beat him senseless with my zimmer frame before smothering him with the contents of my colostomy bag.
  12. Let's face it....

    She is probably frightened of being the most hated women in the place, and will have to spend most of her time with other child killers in segregation.

    She'd probably dob her own mum in to avoid such a treatment.

    Drop her in to the lion enclousure of the nearest zoo. The cats could do with a run out.

    Failing that she should not receive any protection on her discharge... she doesn't deserve protection, that she denied to her son and daughter.

    My contempt for such a creature knows no bounds.... I am sure many other sane humans feel the same.
  13. If she really is so distraught with grief I'll lend her my rope.
  14. You and me both.
    Is there a prison near Bridgend?

    If so, shift her there. No remission, no protection, let her know how her kid felt.

    As for the bloke....IED finder in the 'Stan. :x
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Stick her in the House of Lords and hav done with it. 'Tis punishment enough for most.