Baby P - it gets worse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sparky2339, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Just watched on bbc news 24.

    The boyfriend of baby P's mother has been convicted of the rape of a 2 year old girl in Haringey.

    It makes my .blood boil. :( :x
  2. Was she fit?
  3. Fitter than Baby P.
  4. Despite my anger and horror, that made me laugh.

    Cheers for breaking the red mist there flashy.
  5. She was probably asking for it. You know what 2 year olds are like......
  6. Do you think she spits or swallows? The reason I ask is that I bet this monster didn't even have the common decency to hang around and burp her if she swallowed. Unforgiveable.
  7. I had a sick sense of humour before I took the Queen's shilling, so can't blame the army for developing a squaddie sense of humour.

    All joking aside, don't jail that cnut let the public have a go at him.
  8. Can you technically rape a 2 year old?
    I mean it's not like then gonna say no.
  9. I reckon the little slut enjoyed it. Why are the media always throwing things out of proportion?
  10. Bet she was nice when she was younger 8)
  11. Exactly. There are always two sides to the story. The media always jump on the females side. Bloody sexism, thats what it is.
  12. yes... unless her mummy or daddy said it was OK.. age of consent?

  13. ..........

    I only posted in here as I spent/still spend most of my time in the naffi bar.

    I had hoped for a wee bit of outrage like my own to be shown. :D

    I should've known better but canny complain,... after all it is the naffi bar.

    And I must also admit, you cnuts have made me laugh.

    I may rot in hell for doing so, but at least you'll all be there to keep me company.

    Mine's a vodka and cola if you're first at the bar.
  14. yea bout how is she gonna tell anyone?
  15. Pass me another one this one's split