Baby MB arrived

Quick announcement -

Mrs MB dropped MB Jnr No 2 last night at 22.00, weighing a rather small 6lb 1oz. Mum and baby both fine, I'm fcuked though - hard work this labour business :D

Beers are on me :roll:
Good news old chap, the very best to all of you.
WhiteHorse said:
Good get some sleep. You will ALL need it.

Our No3 due very soon.
Pah! Wait till you get to no.5....then you will know what "Tired" means.

Well done MB! If Mrs MB starts going on about what hard work labour is, point out that you had to do all the hard work to get it there in the first place.


I can sympathise with the thrice nightly alarm bells. Mrs Stabtastic and I had no.2 (we debated keenly about the merits of calling him 'Rommel Monty Panzer' - I lost) a month ago. Have a strong coffee on me...
Top effort mate.

Look like me does it?

congrats to all the family..

produced another breeder, did you?... well.. start vetting the male populations for good genes... puberty comes early these days what with all the chemicals in the McD burgers...

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