Baby girl lost father on frontline then abandoned by MoD

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Yes, a dreadful case but there are a number of privacy issues invovled in this. Only two months ago the Army had to appologise for keeping (miniscule) tissue samples for coronial purposes without informing the families; a tissue sample that (in this case) may have confirmed paternity.

    If one excuses the awful phrase, this is a legal and moral minefield. What if, for example, DNA tests do not confirm that the deceased SP is the father? Many years ago I was peripherally involved in a case of an airman who was found to have been sterile becausee of a rare genetic condtion - but his wife had three kids. Immaculate conception?
  2. Good way for CMD to win a bit of kudos for appearing to champion the case of the baby. Sounds harsh but lets face it, Its probably why he's jumped on this. Besides so he can look busy.

    Hope things turn out ok for the wee nipper
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Bet this didn't come from the MOD RSS feed!
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  4. Actually effing easy to prove parentage of the sprog: go to Pte Wade's parents and take a DNA sample of them both. Analyse and compare to baby's DNA. Total time taken is approx 2 weeks (because the labs have a bit of a caseload). The science is established and accurate.

    If his parents are also dead then DNA from any sibling, uncle or aunt would also be enough (provided no-one had been too naughty in the family).
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  5. Well, that's killed that off then. I was really looking forward to some frothy outbursts about some bloody foreigner getting a rent free gaff, as well.
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  6. Too right - I'd just put the popcorn in ffs.
  7. All is not lost… you can froth about the sprogs gash name : Lexie-Mai
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  8. You are joking, no one is called... oh, wait.

    Anyhoo, hope it works out for her
  9. One wonders how or why they do it but they do!

    Cameron, has not said he will do anything about it just look into it and if it can be proved then the child will get the payout. The potential floodgate here is one that the MOD has been aware of since, at least, WW1.

    They are not, always, as stupid as they appear.
  10. Hope things work out for the kid but she should also be entitled to some compo from her mum for giving her that name! I think shit kids names deserves a thread of its own
  11. I believe it mai already have been done.
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  12. This is disgraceful and should be addressed promptly , No child of a fallen soldier should be left with out any compensation after her father was killed
  13. You are assuming, and that is yet to be proved, that it is his child. Sadly (but correctly) her word is not, and should never, be enough.
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  14. **** off, Chubb!
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