Baby born with mermaids tail.

What, the fook, does this have to do with the British Army?

All we're going to get now is a bunch of squaddies ripping in to the thing with poor taste gags, and a bunch of bloody FANYs et al demanding that MoD main building lower flags.

Get yer 'ead dahn son, you oughter be applyin' ta Saaandurst by naaa!

Stop playing silly buggers and start filling out the security questionnaire - if you're anything like me it'll take you at least eleven goes to get it in properly.

CP - quite right - if the parents had any sense they'd let her keep the tail thing and cream off the profits as she kicks the ass out of the competition.
On a related note, can anyone please explain why it is that mermaids, i.e. Cher in Splash!, or Ariel, are attractive to men, given that for all the shapely attributes up top, they do have a bottom half which differs from most chicks in that it is shaped like a halibut's and stinks of fish. Well, shaped like a halibut, anyway...
Very true gizzit :) Consider the finger pulled out

CP, once again you can see the best in every situation :D
Its got no ringpiece?
Trust MDN to lower the tone! :D :D
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