Baby BFG 2 (The return of the Baby BFG)

Greetings all,

Baby BFG 2 was eventually born @ 16:37 07/06/05

Just like her older sister she looks nothing like me or my wife.
I'm beginning to think that maybe Mrs BFG isn't the mother.


[marq=left]Congratulations BFG[/marq]

Babies are great.

The prices you can get on ebay these days are incredible...
congratulations BFG.
Congratulations! Now the hard work really starts - yet more sleepless nights, but this time you've got another pair of hands trying to be "helpful" :wink:

Good luck, and enjoy it... :roll:
Well Done Mrs BFG for all your hard work in carrying the sprog, coping with swelling, spewing, mood swings and all the other joys of pregnancy!!!!

Well Done BFG for turning up to the conception!!!

Beebs ;)

All the best.


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Congratulations to you and Mrs BFG.

Sounds like you have another B(ig) F(ine) G(irl) :D


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How does Google do that?

At the bottom on page 1 are adverts for gifts for new baby! I think paranoia is definitely setting in. PS put me down for a comfort blanket.
NIce one BFG.

Chuffed to bits, I bet you r.

Congrats BFG! :D

I insisted on at least two kids just to get my money's worth out of all the kit we bought for the first one. And he does look good in pink.