Babs Bush tells it as she sees it!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Filbert Fox, Sep 8, 2005.

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  1. up her own ARRSE mother of the shaved chimp scores a hit when during an interview about Hurricaine Katrina she tells a reporter the refugees were being fed and watered so:

    working very well for them!!!!

    apparently she is on a 'morale boosting' visit but strangely enough the White House officials have declined to comment on her remarks.,,30200-13431861,00.html
  2. Babs according to kitty Kelly has 'issues', so lets leave the poor woman alone! :wink:
  3. Second class citizens = second class help ??

    I can see from where Wubbya gets his eloquence. Hello mouth this is foot, over.
  4. Don't be fooled. By most accounts she's the brains (and puppet master) of the outfit. Monkey-boy apparently had his eye on becoming the next Commissioner of Baseball (like the Chief Exec of the FA, but way more corrupt) until mater decided it might be a good idea to avenge Poppy's defeat at the hands of that philandering backwater hick. Of course, this came as something of a rude shock to Jeb who, it would appear, inherited the family brain cell and actually is capable of organising a pish-up in a brewery.
  5. A most disturbing family at the best of times.
    I understand Jeb does not consider 08 to be a good time for his try for the throne and hasn't done for some time.
    Americans I correspond with don't think Hilsey would make the Democratic ticket, just too much hatred for her.
    I would not place bets untill after next Falls elections for the hill. But I expect a very dirty fight the GOp has just too much to keep covered up.
  6. So she's not a sweet old grandma who bakes cookies and knits? Gutted!
    Actually I always thought that George Senior was rather intelligent.
  7. Well you don't get to be head of CIA by being a "political appointee" . Well not until recently.
  8. That's just what I thought when she announced she was running for NY Senate seat.

    But with no claim to distinction other than being America's most famous cheated-on wife, she made it.

    I wouldn't be too quick to rule her out.