Was having a discussion with a colleague this morning and the afore mentioned topic came up!

A new one on me - apparently it is the name given for smacking someone on the arsse until it resembles a baboons behind.

Engineers use stable belts and marines use flip flops! because I'm having such a busy day at the office I came up with a few for other Corps and Regiments: -

Bibles for the God Squad

Sporrans for the RRS

Stethoscopes for Doctors

Knee braces for Physios

Blankets for Sup Con’s

Antenna for Sigs

Any more for any more?
You're quite right with the Engineers. Could also use a mine marker pole at full whack.
Oven mitts for chefs
Dental Floss for RADC
Seat belts for drivers.
Blackboard rubbers for ETS

Apache rear rotar blade for AAC

Wheelbarrow for ATO

Tazer for RMP
Isn't this all a bit hom for the British Army? I mean, it smacks of Ivan and all that 'grandfather' stuff...
Whips for the cavalry
Is Babooning a fetish thing shortly followed by being buggered with an inch of passing out or is it something my Granny could get involved in?
bigbird67 said:
lead rubber for the Rads

ooo thats sounds fun honey
Cotton wool for new recruits...
Wishlists for those who should know better!
LordVonHarley said:
charlotte-the-harlot said:
Depends on whether your Gran like buggery or not?
I have no idea, it has never come up in conversation.
She does, dry!

A printer cartrage for the AGC.

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