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Checking new TV WITH DIGITAL TV - Babestation (Channel 94, Freeview) appears _ Daryl V nice - All apparently with no sound but decent bods. if you pay ( not in my life ) you get more !.........only £3.00 per min. ALMOST £...? A SHAG. Sorry but not in right forum but can not take eyes off telly ! Not used to this as usually can not get digital. Is this the Norm ?
There's other freeview porn channels too, but it's all soft stuff just trying to take your money. There's far better on the web...
My nights of watching some plastic-breasted munter mouthing gibberish at me whilst stroking her oiled buttocks are over. I now have an iPhone and can content myself with the most depraved filth t'internet has to offer. Cheap too. Wish I'd had one 20 years ago, instead of wasting all that money on mountains of jazz mags. Technology put to good use I say.
Yeah, right! What do you get?? A huge sign from your friendly company Big Brother "PORNOGRAPHY!! Are you REALLY sure you want to do this?"

Thanks, pal.
I have to be careful at work looking at porn, it's a sackable offense here.....................

.....not to share it with the rest of the office, esp the directors.

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