Babes and Rank

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by emptyeye, Oct 19, 2007.

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  1. Moving further on from the all time favourite thread I started ages ago “women and guns, a sexy combination” its got me thinking (far to much time on my hands)

    What if there was an all female army somewhere in the world, with rank dependant on looks/body shape etc, and the total babes moving ‘up’ the rank structure quite quickly

    For example, just to start the thread going (and using celebs as a benchmark) and using British Army Rank:







  2. Jade should be a recruit! That fails selection!
  3. Lol, Jade goody. What a babe.

    ( I was referring to the pig that speaks)
  4. Jade - Hon Col, RLC!
  5. oh my god!!!! i wasnt expecting jade at this time of the morning. i have just sprayed part of my breakfast all over the monitor. services....can i have a new computer please..
  6. haha in that case i think jeniffer ellison should be brigadier
  7. Kylie for CGS!!!!
  8. Me thinks that ms johannson should be at least a cpl at her age?
  9. Jade- Regimental Mascot
  10. jade thinned out at the recruiting office for failing her entrance test, and i hope miss johansson is an extremeley thrusting young NCO.

    what do they have to do to get promoted, imagine the leadership courses?
  11. Fcuk leadership courses. I want to go and watch selection for "Them"
  12. Jade didn't quite meat the requirements
  13. Commander in Chief


    Couldn't resist sorry.

    Washed up 21 year Stores L/Cpl


    However one we've all been waiting for

    The OC of Support Company

  14. Hon Col RLC TA if you please!
  15. Ram it - we wouldn't even have her as a Mascot!

    Though she could put her credit card behind the bar.