Babbeo Bushs future plans

Bugsy said:
He wants to continue meddling in Middle East affairs by inviting representatives to his "think tank" in his new library. As if he hadn't caused enough trouble in the region already!


And just who the fcuk does he think will listen to him when he no longer has the 5th & 6th Fleet and the 82nd Airborne a phone call away? Far better to save $500m and just have him sit atop the Rocky Mountains, shouting at the wind for the rest of his life.


George Bush has informed his inner circle that after he leaves office he plans to invite leaders from Middle East to his think tank, which will be part of his $500 million library, where he will give them guidance on the finer points of democratic governance:

WTF does Bush know about Democracy?
kahonen said:
WTF does Bush know about Democracy?

That it's the best political system money can buy?
Bush in a think tank? :shock:

Septic tank perhaps (no pun intended).

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