Did herrick 9 in garmsir, found out on friday that ill be going to babaji on herrick 14, can anyone give any insight to what its like there?
The majority of the open source reporting you will find will be from summer 2009 since Babaji was the scene of Op Panther's Claw. A sweep to provide security for the elections.

However the majority of it is still really relevant.

Good report HERE

Location overview and terrain HERE

The Gurkhas are there at the minute and few of our guys who are with them said that facilities are very basic but adequate. Internet access every few days and essentially living out of your bergen.

You can find some reconstruction details HERE, mainly school building.

You can get a good sense of the fighting/terrain from the Flicker Photostream HERE
To complicate things the BJI area is now split between 3 x CF AOs. If you say which CF you are down for then it might help.

couldnt tell you yet, all i know is we as a battalion are taking over babaji, more details to follow over the next 10 months i guess
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