BAAPS with Moobs!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. I think moobs are funny as. Idle rich blokes don't realise with a bit more fizz, jogging and press-ups, their boy-boobs become pectorals. Thick, lazy tw*ts.
  2. Moobs are truely horrible!

    There are more moobs around now people are doing something about being overweight. The weight loss is great in so many ways but doesnt always look great. If they want to pay to have them fixed then good for them!
  3. Are you Chubb? Verynewt, having your tits sliced off (for a bloke) is only delaying breast size increase, if the fat lazy types don't alter their lifestyles, moobs will re-grow.
  4. :) no, unfortunately I'm not a chubb, and I completely agree, if they dont work for it then they wont get the results, but its their money and an operation is a bit extreme and painful. i was just saying that I know people are loosing weight now, espescially with weight loss surgery available on the nhs and the excess skin they get isnt nice.

    however, no point having a moob-ectomy if you're just removing them. if you have no intention of loosing weight or they are not the result of loosing weight then I dont think the surgeon would do the op.
  5. Feck me, who shoved the rainbows and butterflies up your arse?
  6. Fcuk off Chubb
  7. Weight loss surgery on the NHS!

    It must be more cost-effective to buy them extra pork pies so they die quicker. You could put some fattening stuff on prescription - given the price of prescription fees it could even make a profit.
  8. Even cheaper to attach them to a treadmill like arrangement to provide power.
  9. They're actually encouraged by their doctors to get even fatter to be accepted for the surgery, fecking madness I tells ya 8O
  10. Tie them in a knot then you'll have somewhere to hang your sunglasses.
  11. It's not weight loss surgery. It's a fix for 'gynaecomastia', which is actual breast growth caused by hormonal inbalances (or steroid abuse).

    That said, why would any bloke in his right mind want to have a buckshee set of boobs removed? Fair one, you might have trouble pulling, but would you care if you had your very own pair of tits to wank over?