Baader-Meinhof mercy plea revives German split over student

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Baader-Meinhof mercy plea revives German split over student terrorism
    Times Online
  2. Well they've got 2 options haven't they. She's suffered enough... so...

    1. Public execution to show that terrorism is a bad thing

    2. Presidency or leadership of a major political party (Castro, Adams, McGuiness, Mandela, Arafat, Blair etc.)
  3. She'll be at Number 10 for drinkiepoos shortly!
  4. Knowing the nampy pampy, tree hugging Über-pc german government, which is just as bad as "Him at No.10"; she´ll probably be out within two months with profuse apologies, damages, a job offer and plenty of dosh from the press for having the "privilege" of printing her story. :pissedoff:

    I agree with BaldricksBullet and rickshaw-major. She´ll probably end up going into politics, getting in on a sympathy vote from all the "closet" terrorists and liberal lefties of the 70´s.

    Five life terms + 15 ? The arithmetic is simple: She´s still breathing, so she hasn´t even done 1 life sentence, let alone 5 + 15, so shut her up, stick her back in her hole and chuck the key away !!!!
  5. Some may remember this image at the time.


  6. Sour faced bitch. This one is better.

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  7. All were nasty pieces of work, if I remember correctly. Wanted posters everywhere at the time! But they struck terror into the political and business elite of West Germany, just as the country was stabilising after the upheavals of the 40s and 50s, and the growing wirtschaftwunder was delivering prosperity for the first time for a generation.

    Hardly surprising that the establishment hit them hard, I think. Just imagine how this Government would react if a group started picking them off one by one, interspersed with the odd merchant banker/industrialist.

    Now there's a thought.... ;)


  8. Hmm .... Check Firing!

    Is it illegal to have these thoughts - yet?
  9. I can understand that they were really disgruntled at the time. I also can see that they saw no alternative in the accepted ways of entering a political debate but terrorism???

    Terrorism is a bad thing in any country.

    What needs to be looked into though - they did pick and choose their targets. They didn't throw bombs at people of the general public, other religions or caste.

    They chose to channel their terrorism against those in charge. Would that then be the sort of terrorism we have witnessed in N.I. or in other Hotspots?

    Like I said, I detest Terrorism but think that a bit of debate down this avenue could be interesting.
  10. Nice ... how about an annual cull of politicians - it would keep those remaining at the trough on their toes and save the taxpayer money :crazy:
  11. It's not for nothing that they were referred to as 'Hitler's Children'; their 'disgruntlement' resulted from them being typically middle-class spoilt offspring, who had overdosed on the unmitigated b*ll*cks which 1968 threw up. It's irrelevant who they attacked - they were murderers.
  12. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I have no problems with this.
  13. One author indeed termed them ’Hitler’s Children’ when more poignantly they perhaps should have been referred to as ’Marx’s Children’. If Stalin had all his own way Europe should have become subservient to him and the Soviet as the war ended. Just because formal large scale aggression ended in Europe, it in no way meant he stopped trying to achieve his goal. The ideals that came largely from western Universities played upon unattainable ideals of some utopian existence, with the doctrines of Marx, Engels and those who came after as a guiding light while everyone who didn’t subscribe, by default, were fascists.

    Even when the propaganda was that acts were perpretrated in the name of a ‘free people’ against fascism, underlying was a greater, better conceived, and far more consequential foundation. Irrespective of who was targeted, any may be killed and were killed in some delusion a greater good had to be served.

    People have an undisputed right to protest – peacefully – and withdraw their labour to show strength of feeling. To commit murder is quite a different matter and arguably cannot be taken as a form of protest. On TV in the 60’s I saw Buddhist monks burn themselves to death in public in protest of the Vietnam war. So, if someone wants to make the ultimate protest, they have an example.

  14. Leave her to rot or let her out on licence dont really care. They wanted to
    reveal the true power of the state by their actions .Can hardly act surprised when they all ended up dead or locked up .
  15. although obviously you would'nt be allowed to hunt them with dogs as that would be cruel.
    have you ever seen a hound retching after eating something it should'nt :thumright: