BaaBaas vs South Africa

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Danny_Dravot, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Will be an awesome game...

    Anybody else going?
  2. No it won't. There arn't any players based in Britain playing. Butch James, Sebastian Chabal etc etc
  3. as long as those 2 TW@T commentators who did the Wales vs SA game are not allowed to open their mouths.

    I thought the Welsh actually put in a pretty good performance... but to be honest the commentary was so one-sided, elf-opinionated and it consisted of 80mins of welsh winge'ing... (my god that can be long!) and to be honest I switched to Afrikaans, just cos it was spoiling watching the entire game.

    As for the baa baas.... don't thing any of the boks are interested to be honest..
  4. Where and when?
  5. Chabal's based in Sale. Anyway, isn't it Jason Robinson's final game?
  6. Last 'international'
  7. Robinson is a good player and a hero to English Rugby... but why end his career playing for a second string Baa Baa team... and most probably get hammered again by the boks... He's a good bloke and I'd hate to see a guy of his calibre taking the risk of ending it all with another flat tyre, same as he got in the group stages against SA....
  8. The tradition of the Baa Baa's is a free running game like an advanced 'sevens'. It used to be the norm to have an uncapped player in the side.

    With advent of the professional game the event could be undermined by the major club sides. After all, who wants a top player injured in a non event for club or country.

    And finally - it is also a tradition to wear your club socks whilst playing for the Baa Baa's - so why was it John Dawes was wearing green socks in 1973 ?
  9. Saw the squad earlier. Doesnt look very second string to me.

    Hopefully they'll give Jason a good send off and he'll stick a couple past the South Africans for good measure

    Baa Baa's Squad
  10. Barbarians squad:
    Backs: J Robinson (England), J Rokocoko (Blues & New Zealand), I Neivua (Warriors & Fiji), B Cohen (England), C Smith (Hurricanes & New Zealand), T Shanklin (Cardiff & Wales), M Nonu (Hurricanes & New Zealand), M Giteau (Western Force & Australia), P Grant (Stormers), J Marshall (Ospreys & New Zealand).

    Forwards: A Sheridan (Sale Sharks & England), F Pucciarello (Munster & Italy), S Ma'afu (Brumbies), M Regan (Bristol & England), S Brits (Stormers), B Cockbain (Wales), J Harrison (Ulster & Australia), Luke Charteris (Dragons & Wales), T Flavell (Blues & New Zealand), J Collins (Hurricanes & New Zealand), M Williams (Cardiff & Wales), R Elsom (Waratahs & Australia).

    That looks like a squad worth paying too see.
    If your an England fan it's worth going just to give "billy whizz" a proper send off.
    For those lucky enough to have tickets, please give an extra big cheer for Jason, he's sure to run out first, on his own.
  11. oldbaldy

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  12. Chabal is based in Sale. Which is in England. You muppet.

    O'Driscoll and a host of other stars were supposed to be in the side. Its amazing that Regan and Sheridan have been released to be honest. BOD was supposed to be Captaining the side ffs, and that was hailed as a good reason to buy a ticket.

    Still, I hope they win. Nonu is a hell of a player as well.
  13. Going back to my earlier post - it looks like Mark Regan is in trouble with Bristol RFC for pitching up in the Baa Baa's team.

    He has been given the honour of the captaincy - I hope Bristol are not too harsh with him.
  14. Well, after all the cynicism, the match was first rate- one of the best I have seen at Twickenham, and the atmosphere was brilliant. The Barbarians lived up to their usual reputaion for free running rugby, but most impressively their defending was superb. There was one point in the second half when they held the Springboks five yards out for 13 minutes then broke on the counter attack, and I don't remember a missed tackle in the entire match. Williams, Rokocoko, Nonu were all on fire, but my man of the day was Jerry Collins, in his Bideford socks.....what a good bloke!

    (for explanation:)

    By the way, as the Combined Services beat the Ba bas the other day, and the Ba Bas beat the World Champions, that makes the CS the best in the world :D