BAA Turn down Military Help

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CAARPS, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. I know that we are not supposed to be in the buiseness of MACP anymore, however, having been offered by the government to assist at Heathrow apparently we are not needed because they are on top of the situation.

    Surely we should just accept that in times of national need the military are the always the best option and we should go back to having contingeincy plans to meet these sort of “Exceptional” situations.
  2. Don't be rediculous, contingency plans cost money and might actually work. Not government policy especially when the weather is predicted to get so much hotter. Time for the big society to step up to the mark.
  3. When the great unwashed turn up at the Benefits Office around Heathrow to sign on they should be pointed to a door where there'll be a shovel waiting for them and transport to the Airport.....hey presto, hundreds of snow clearers!
  4. BAA know better, pissed of squaddies moving snow = loads of massive snow cocks appearing all around Heathrow.
  5. It's not the case that we're "not in the business of MACP any more". We have less to offer in terms of available manpower, but there's been no policy of getting rid of MACP that I know of.

    I've always understood that MACP has to be requested, and that it's never offered. Do you have a link?
  6. Why should we be the publics dogsbodies? Get those lazy fuckers off their arse who can't be bothered to work for a living. Whet, get your dozy arse down there if you can stay awake long enough!
  7. Ah. let's call loads of soldiers off Christmas Leave because a private (and foreign) company was too tight fisted to buy enough snow clearance equipment. I'm sure they and their families won't mind...
  8. I'd refuse to do it. I'd rather be shot.

  9. Even thro a small but increasing number of scientists think we've facing a possible mini Ice age due to sunspot activity BEFORE Global Warming kicka in
  10. They probably don't want a load of Sappers bombing around multi million pound aircraft in D6 bulldozers and JCBs, imagine the carnage!
  11. Nail hit on head,

    Investment, Investment, Investment

    Even the EU is on the heels of the Airport operators, not that BAA will take much notice, the CEO stating 'NEW' lessons need to be learnt? really dear chap thanks i'm sure the pre-xmas trade will understand your views after the 2nd time,

    Mr David Quarmby's report should make an interesting read, first Jan 2010, Dec 2010.... wait for it
  12. MACP is eyewateringly expense, if a person I was chatting with on the weekend is correct. He was basing he comments on support to the floods a few years ago. He was suggesting that local authorities perceive that they can't afford Army support and so don't even consider it. Perhaps BAA is one bitten twice shy after the HCR stagged on with the mini panzers a few years ago.

    Chap I was speaking to was suggesting it is cheaper and more effective to go to the private sector for assistance, then went on to say something along the lines of "We've already paid for the Army to be there in case of emergency, but they then have the audacity to charge for a gold plated service". Now ...... don't shoot the messenger, but he also said something like "what else can they be doing that is more important, they're not all in Afghanistan".

    This is of course an ill informed view but our community bases there opinion of us largely through the media and if "we" aren't called into support "our" community because a local government bean counter has made a reasonable deduction, who gets the bad press?

    We could be doing a lot more, perhaps we should look to the US Army, particularly the US Corps of Engineers for a template?
  13. BAAs PR on Sunday appeared to be totally in the hands of what looked like a spotty 18 year old on work experience spouting pre-prepared stuff on health and safety - not a director or senior manager in sight. Probably didn't want to drag themselves away from Sunday lunch.
  14. Wouldn't it be MACC (community) rather MACP or has that distinction disappeared since I left ?
  15. Its hardly a national disaster is it? So your holidays are held up, big ****ing deal, go book into a hotel. There might be an argument if it was clearing access around emergency services and even then I'd hope the MOD would get a wodge of cash for doing so.

    Good on BAA for refuseing help, I'm sure soldiers have better things to do with their time than increase a private company's profit margin.