BAA - Should it sell some of its airports (poll)

Should BAA sell at least 1 airport?

  • Yes - the competition would do us all some good.

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  • No - the situations not that bad.

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  • Couldn't give a monkeys as long as i get away on holiday on time!

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I don't think there can be any doubt that the addition of some competition in the SE would be a good thing. The lack of it breeds complacency and BAA has that in spades.

Might also break some of the union strength (a huge problem) at Heathrow and force the staff from different terminals to work together as well.
Force them to sell either Thiefrow or Gatwick & Stansted. Job done.
They will fight to keep Heathrow - prestige and all that - so maybe Gatwick and Stansted are good options.
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