Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep

I had heard

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
Jill forgot to take her pill and now they have a daughter.

Ho hum....I just sh*t a rainbow doesn't quite have the same ring about it.....ho hum
Wasn't that a song? I think I used sh*t a rainbow after three weeks of compo. Fcuk, now you tell me that's not normal, got me worried now. I hate the rhetoricals as well, nasty wine guzzling, garlic eating bastrads. I don't hate the Welsh, sorry it's only Max Boyce I hate. Most welsh hate him as well apart from his mum and his aunty and three pensioners from Tonypandy and two sheep near Abergavenny.

Considering moving to France next year, it's no fun hating from a distance so looking forward to hating face to face. Great country, shitty wine although they don't think so, a chateau for fifty pence and more Brits there then Greater Manchester and a badminton club to join. Are you allowed to say black people, I thought that was racist? I thought it was Afro Caribbean now though the last mate that told me that came from Dudley and his mum was from Coventry. I told him I'm of Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Jute, Pict, Gael, Danish, Norwegian, French (Norman) origin with a pinch of Watford. I was proud to tell him that's what a true Brit is, no foreign blood there, well not much.

Of course I'm only speaking rhetorically. What was the question? Sorry into the realms of fantasy again.
Three visually impaired rodents, three visually impaired rodents
See how they run, see how they run,
They all ran after the farmers' partner in an intimidating manner,
who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
The CPS have filed a case against her for the use of excessive force used against intruders
Did ever you see such a thing in your life?
as three visually impaired rodents.
As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man with seven wives.
Each wife had seven sacks,
Each sack had seven cats,
Each cat had seven kits.
Later on that day
he was done for big-a-mey,
And the cat with kits I'm glad to say,
Were rescued by RSPCA
Baa Baa Black sheep have you any wool.

This surely means I'm asking a specific sheep a question?

Now if i say Baa Baa rainbow sheep, have you any wool? he is not going to take any notice of me because he is a sheelp with Back wool. And the whole point is Black sheep are rare and i want some black wool. If i wanted rainbow wool i could go to the white sheep and dye it or i could even take the white wool and dye it black, but then this would be against the fair trade rules as i would be doing the black sheep out of money that could be theirs!

On the other hand, i'm asking a sheep a question - i should be locked up, but then again the sheep answers so i should lock it up and sell it on ebay - make a fecing fortune!
what is ironic is that most of this utter shiiite emanates from the EU/ ECHR and their pointless directives. the UK is without a doubt the most racially tolerant place in the EU compared to say france and germany.

In BFG, its common to see large bill-boards and posters advertising for night-clubs, bars, radio shows etc for what us british-racists would call RnB or Hip-Hop...however...over here its

"BLACK-Night" "Black Fest" "Black Musik"

so i see your rainbow sheep and i raise you a "black-party!!"

pse somebody else in BFG second this...i'm sure UK pax will think i'm making this up!!!
I suppose theres no longer any point in looking for the n***er in the woodpile then.
OSACIN said:
I suppose theres no longer any point in looking for the n***er in the woodpile then.
No he's off reading black history at a well known university.


My wife works in an infants school and fortunately this PC b'lox is seen for what it really is-b'lox and is ignored. the only sheep going baa are black ones (though as the school is in Wales other sheep may be complianing for other reasons-can I say this?)
I do recall a local education authority that banned the 'egg and spoon' race as it was rhyming slang for coon. It is also rumoured that some shcools have banned the 'Three Little Pigs' for fear of offending Muslim children.


Kit Reviewer
mistersoft said:
OSACIN said:
I suppose theres no longer any point in looking for the n***er in the woodpile then.
No he's off reading black history at a well known university.
Agatha Christie wrote one of her many whodunnit books in a time more tolerant of language.

"Ten Little Niggers," an interesting tale with absolutely no racist over, under or sidetones was later retitled by the early PC-mob to "Ten Little Indians."

Their children, no doubt suffering from years of "Don't be beastly Tarquin," saw the gaping holes in their parent's fledgling minds and ensured that no-one was shocked, nor any animals harmed in the writing, publishng and reading of the book by changing the title again to "And Then There Were None."

At least they've stopped short of burning them - so far...
i remember my favourite book as an infant was the tale of "little black sambo" ended with the tigers chasing themselves into buttermilk???

....was anybody else raised on such prolific hate material and thought crime...or just me?
Eeney-meeney -miney-mo
Catch an AFRO-Carribean by the toe?
Can anyone remember when the film Dambusters was, on and they changed the name of the dog?

They say it would not be acceptable today, but it was when it was made.

But who exactly gets offended? I think it is about time that people need to grow up.
the scene from the office where Brent is telling the joke about the black man's cock says is amazingly accurate and true to form of real life.

after he cracks the joke someone complians, Brent naturally thinks that its Oliver, the mixed-race guy who has complained, when actually he found it funny.

the complainent was a fat miserable chick, amongst others.

now i'm not condoning poor taste jokes, but it illustrates what a bunch of saps society has become.

FFS imagine if we had to endure the blitz, WW1 or other such enduring global catastrophe again
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