BA sued over recent crash @ LHR

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Fingerz, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. FFS, didn't take them long, eh?
  3. I thought someone was takin the Pi** when i heard about this. Obviously isn't enough for them to be alive.
  4. Well I saw it on the telly and I too was highly disturbed, just gotta try for a bit of compo.
  5. I was distressed watching it on the news.

    Can I claim?
  6. I was quite traumatised by seeing this reported on the news as there was no warning that there would be images of a crashed aircraft in the reports. I am therefore contacting my 'No win, no fee' lawyer. If anyone else feels the same, then we could all launch a joint action...........
  7. F-cking gaylord.

    Don't think this deserves any further comment.
  8. Get a ferkin grip...
  9. This cnut should be thankful they aren't sponging his worthless remains off the tarmac.

    Seems there are no depths people will not sink too when they see the £ flashing infront of them.
  10. He's a university lecturer so has probably never left education. He's used to sponging off society!
  11. 85,000 quid ? I´m outraged ! If it was the States, it would be $ 85,000,000 8O

    Mind you, let me have a quick think about this one: If I travel on a plane, I know before I set foot on board that there´s a chance it may crash. Therefore I voluntarily travelled on the aircraft being at least aware of the chance of a crash. Hence WhyTF should I get 85 grand compensation ?

    I saw a car crash whilst driving the other day, can I claim compensation for the trauma ? :?
  12. Unable to sleep since 17 January. This must be a world record.

    Claim should be dismissed on the grounds that the cnut actually owes BA money for adding about 8 hours per day to this cúnts life! Given that amount of extra time per day he can get a second (real) job, do extra research, shag more students, etc, etc. And he has the cheek to complain!
  13. Reading the comments on here has brought me out in a cold sweat, never mind the emotional damage all this outrage is causing me. I will be consulting my solicitor and suing ARRSE forthwith. Probably best to set up a standing order because I will be back again next week, and the week after that, and the week after...
  14. Just a bit of advice needed here. I was on a bus the other day which had a puncture and the bang scared the bejasus out of me. How much do you think I should claim bearing in mind that because I'm only a working man in a real job I go to sleep at night because I'm tired?
  15. craftsmanx, if you pull the "I´m a University Lecturer" or any other kind of minority card, you should be quids in. However do not, I repeat DO NOT try and pull the "Ex Squaddie PTSD" card, because your claim will probably be laughed out............