BA Strike !

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jayymayyn, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. If you work for British Airways and have been on strike this week, next time you see a member of the forces who's returned from Afghanistan make sure you tell him/her about your awful working conditions, poor uniform and low pay!! Let me know how you get on when you re-gain conciousness,
  2. yawn
  3. Not again! Already done and in the hole!
  4. Are BA on strike?
  5. Is it time for the one about the little girl at the airport who wore red on Friday and was thrown out of Starbucks while rattling a PIRA collection tin from McDonalds?
  6. Don't you mean, IS BA on strike? He's refusing to do any more Snickers adverts until he gets a pay rise.
  7. If you work for the British Army and think MCP’s are unfair, next time you see a member of British Airways make sure you tell him/her that bleating because you think your terms of service are so unfair is only the preserve of soldiers :wink:
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  9. More importantly how are Hannibal, Face and Murdoch going to make an MLRS out of an old van and some stuff in a shed without him?
  10. Sticks head up above parapet...I don’t agree with this!

    I absolutely support the British Forces wherever they may be, and I don’t agree with the industrial action that is underway against BA; but the two are not related and should not be compared.

    There are always folk worse off than ourselves, if you use that as the basis of whether to complain or not then you will never complain, never moan and take whatever misfortune that comes your way with a wide grin on your face and ask for more...sideways...pretty please.

    I worry about the overuse of how badly-off members of the British Forces are. I can see in a few years (probably about 2013 when the redundancy package is reduced to its final level) the media, and in-turn the public change their opinion with stories of over-paid, gold-plated final salary pensions, free this and that just before the axe falls and it becomes palatable to savagely cut the UK military despite all the good work it has done and continues to do.

    Lets be honest, the motivation of the authors of viral comments is in how widely they proliferate rather than the message itself.

    Awaiting incoming!
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    Don't worry, CQMS is as dull as his avatar indicates. He's just out for a bite. His experience of BA CC is having been to Croydon once on the train. :desertsoldier:
  12. Are you a bumble bee or a wasp 8O
  13. How very dare you sir, it was London Bridge.
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    I don't know, you chose genius, but you are funny.
  15. I will go wasp then because bumblebee is more of a Buuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I think