BA strike

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Dec 26, 2009.

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  1. Had the most interesting chat with my uncle today during the piss up.

    We're all sat around and I ask him if he's happy BA didn't strike (he's a baggage handler), and he told me in his own words how it really is.

    He turns up for his first day at work, limitless ethusiasm and some guys already told him "just find somewhere to sleep and don't worry, I'll wake you up when its time for break".

    So my uncles turned around and said "I can't do that! I'll get the sack!"

    "Don't worry, we all do it, thats how it is here, just go and sleep and I'll wake you up when its time for break"

    You can see why he loves his job so much :D

    No wonder BA lose so much money
  2. Sad but true......
  3. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    It is simply amazing. Not all Cabin Crew (CC) are members of the British Airline Stewards and Stewardesses Association (BASSA), but the Union is really one fro the Dark Ages. And CC working from different operating bases have ended up on different contracts - BA want to put the Heathrow CC on the same terms as the Gatwick CC (who have been on that for 5 years).

    The militants are determined to either bring down Willie Walsh or BA.

    Richard Branson is looking forward to a profitable 2010.
  4. I was looking forward to BA Cabin Crew taking part in what would effectively have been mass Sepeku. :D
  5. What are Face, Murdoch and the others saying about this? Is he on strike because they tried to get him to go on a plane again?
  6. If they spend so much time sleeping,how do they find the time to steal things from passenger's luggage?
  7. The main BA base is not called Thiefrow for nothing.
  8. About 6 - 7 years ago an old comrade left after his 22 and after several months of doing shite jobs, he ended up doing bagage handling at Gatwick. He told me that stealing Lap Tops was common practice and that his best advice was to never send a Lap Top as Hold Lugage unless it was buried inside your suitcase.
  9. Good thing my laptops always accompanied with me on flights :D
  10. Gatwick goes by the name of Gatnick probably for that reason.
  11. Most airlines advise one not to place laptops and other valueable items in checked baggage as they are likely to walk.Espacially in the UK at Heathrow or Gatwick.
  12. Mrs Adjt is a trolley dolly for BA.

    It's not about baggage handlers - they are two a penny, and frankly, if you send a laptop as hold baggage, whatever your airline, hope you've got good insurance...

    The industial relations issues at BA are complex. Willie Walsh is in a sticky wicket - he totally f*cked up Terminal 5, which frankly, any Sergeant Major could have done better. Walsh fessed up and took the blame on camera but in Army terms, the 2IC and CSM took the flak and lost their jobs... Walsh got a bonus.

    BA is losing money hand over fist - it's the biggest organisation of its kind in Europe, has the largest Boeing Fleet in the world and is bigger than most US Airlines. It needs to change - it has a lot of dinosaurs pushing trolleys that have been there since BA was State owned - and in those days, you got a pension equivelant to that which many NCOs in the Armed Forces enjoy today. Only BA has to fund them now, not the tax payer...

    UNITE has chosen BA as its cause celebre - unions are not big business these days and frankly, this issue is the only thing on the radar at the moment. Most trolley dollies are members of BASSA - which is affiliated to UNITE but not the same. They don't like UNITE much but have to go along with them. Most BASSA members who were balloted for strike action did not like the way UNITE hijacked their issue; relations between the two organisations are strained, to say the least.

    Contrary to popular belief, most BA employees do not want their airline and their sole source of income to go under. They actually believe in their company, their brand and their product. They do not, however, believe that Willie Walsh has their best interest at heart (a fairly crucial element of industrial relations), neither do they like the way he does business. He is a grey man; he lacks charisma. He is a technician, not a leader. BA needs leadership at the moment; it is not getting it.

    There will be another ballot - but BASSA has already worked out that UNITE are frauds; things will be different next time. Willie Walsh is on borrowed time. It doesn't need a rocket scientist of a board member to work out that he is not delivering. If he was a Company Commander, his CO would have sacked him by now. BASSA know this (and so does Walsh) - as long as they play their cards right, BASSA are in a position of strength. The Adjt reckons Walsh will go - a richer man and share options up to his eye-balls - but a loser. BA needs a leader, who understands it as an airline and knows how to lead. Walsh doesn't have a good track record on either count.

    To conclude - BA is not awash with communists. Its Trolley Dollies have been forced into a corner by poor managers and a union who doesn't necessarily have their best interests at heart. They are, however, fiercely proud of their airline and do care for their passengers (spare me your individual horrors stories in this forum, everyone has one....). Lets see what happens.

  13. That's an interesting insight that you have there Adjutant and suspect it may be near-unique in the community.

    I don't have nearly the insight that you have but from what I can see, Willie Walsh has been given carte blanche given his history with Aer Lingus. The use of UNITE as a union (also - whilst we're at it - how do you get what are (effectively) joint COs?) seems to have badly backfired.

    Amongst other things that Walsh seems to be doing is firing those who disagree with him and thus creating management of a large plc company by diktat rather than by consensus.

    This, whilst potentially good for shareholders, does not create long-term shareholder value and I would expect that he'll be on his way shortly.
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    You are obviously reading PPRuNe as well. :wink:

    Regardless of the company/union rights/wrongs ... who wants to risk buying a ticket with BA at the moment? And what does that do for the company? They're in financial poo, and "other airlines also exist". It seems to me that [regardless of who's right or wrong] the customers are going to go elsewhere if they can.

    That's not a political or industrial statement, BTW. It's just simple commercial sense. WHO would book to fly with BA, knowing their flights could be lost by a strike?

  15. If they are so proud of their airline and care for their passengers they aren't going to have it to be proud of for long, or have any passengers. The airline is losing money hand over fist due to out dated practices and an unwillingness for the union to show any compromise at all.

    They aimed for a Christmas strike to cause as much damage and inconvenience for their 'beloved' passengers. This was only averted because the union was too incompetent to stick within the rules. They are determined to hold another (legal) ballot and consequent strike some time in the new year. Anyone with any sense at all will avoid travelling with BA so as not to be inconvenienced by that predicted strike. With the consequent loss of income the only possible results are the airline folding or the Goberment bailing it out. They don't have the money and if BA folds the BA workers, their union and the management lose.

    I am quite aware that the BA management are far from squeaky clean, but given that they have to cut costs in order to make the company work, they are more or less out of options. The union and their members are not allowing any movement at all despite the fact that workers all over the UK are having to take pay cuts or freezes in order to keep their jobs viable.

    Looks like 'goodbye British Airways'.