BA new Airbus A380

Discussion in 'Travel' started by jarrod248, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    A bad experience with our national carrier perchance?
  2. No, several and I'll never fly with them again, ever. They even had the website 'British Arseways' taken down, he was only posting how crap they really are.
    The self loading cargo as they call passengers are a terrible inconvenience to the ageing nasty trolley grans.
  3. Too late, everyone else is miles ahead, they thought they'd stick with Boeing and now they're playing catch up.
  4. I've no desire to fly US Airlines either. I'll stick with Emirates or Qatar, they at least provide a good service and rank highly year on year.
    Emirates takes the top honour at the World Airline Awards named by travellers as the World's Best Airline in 2013
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  5. So the A318/319/320/321 fleet's a fantasy then?
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  6. I'm don't care where BA fly when I go on holiday if Emirates or Qatar don't fly where I want to go i'll fly somewhere they do.
  7. Yes I'm aware they have some but they're very much biased towards boeing.
  8. Very rare I have to fly for work, the last time was with BA, I'd gave them a ten year break and they were even worse than before. I'd no option to fly with them though, abysmal.
  9. Have to agree that Emirates are top of the heap and it's a pleasure to fly with them, with BA not too far behind. Although I don't fly for pleasure, I fly to get from A to B, so as long as I'm reasonably comfortable, get fed and watered, there are no noisy feckers close to me and we don't crash then I'm a happy-ish bunny. I choose the quickest route available at my time of travel; KLM, BA, Emirates, AF, Ethiad, Lufthansa, Qatar or what ever (or a combination).
  10. If I fly with Emirates they send a chauffeur in a Mercedes to pick me up.
    Lovely business lounges, great food, great drinks selection, lovely staff.
    BA just cannot compete on service or price.
  11. In all fairness to BA they're the better of my 3 options if I want to get to London for a few beers and a pastie. Seeing as I hate the inconvenience of connecting flights. Hopefully they'll have replaced the ancient 767 ER fleet by the time I next fly back.

    Air Canada's cabin crews surliness is legendary and Air Transat only seem to fly on days that involve a blue moon followed by a red moon.
  12. I'd rather have connecting flights than be grunted at.
  13. I have to disagree with you on saying that BA are not far behind. I fly to Dubai quite often and usually flew Emirates, but then my company decided to use BA which I hadn't flown since 2003 or so. Well what a shock that was. In addition to many other issues there were no Brits on the staff apart from the pilots, so the serving etc was quite sloppy and could barely understand what was being said. I would say that the upgrade to economy plus may be an equivalent to economy on Emirates, but that costs an extra 100 quid or so. No, BA have a lot to do to get anywhere near Emirates standards. Thankfully my company have seen the light and put us back onto Emirates (I think it may be cheaper then BA too).
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