BA Flight 149 2 Aug 1990 pre 1st Gulf War were you on it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Resurgam, Oct 13, 2006.

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  1. I gather that there is soon to be a documentary on the fate of BA flight149 which landed in Kuwait on the day that Soddim Insane's charming chaps invaded.

    There is a theory that the plane's departure was delayed so that a coach party from 'Hereford' could get on it. Were you in the coach party? How well armed were you?

    This team disappeared when the aircraft landed at Kuwait airport. They were not taken hostage by Soddim and his cohorts but all the others were. It is suggested tht this coach party all got off the back set of stairs whilst the Iraquis were lookin the other way.

    I just wondered if anyone could remember anything of that dark day in August 1990
  2. If 'They' were there - Do you really think 'They' are going to tell you?
  3. Yeah, I was there. In those rosy pre-911 days I managed to board the aircraft with an MP55K on a lanyard under my left armpit, a SIG 229 down my trollies, an Arkansas toad stabber down one sock, a Derringer down the other, a beavertail sap up one sleeve, a length of 1 1/2" galvanised pipe filled with lead shot up the other, and six fathoms of motorcycle chain terminated with a morning star wrapped around my midriff.
    Scary op, scary days...
  4. Well, I did see what was left of it at ENDEX. Seem to remember that some of its components later turned up on the international aviation spare parts market.
  5. Ah, 49 PARA's finest hour...
  6. i can confirm that i work for ba and we had a 747 oven come in as a spare part, and when we looked up its history, it was from the plane that they had blown up in the desert.
  7. We all saw it at endex. The discussion is whether it was delayed to get a team into Kuwait. The people on the plane had a pretty difficult time with most losing their jobs (hardly surprising as they did not turn up until about Christmas and at least 1 actually committing suicide because they had lost everything. Its a long time ago now but it would be interesting if anyone had any news.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I was there as part of 49 Para's ultimate force
    We flew all the way in the wheel bays of the aircraft and dropped out once the wheels came down (no parachute low level insertion fell out over Doha and bounced into Kuwait city)
    There our adventures began
    Henno our squad leader and commander of alll UKSF took charge first thing we did was eat (he hasn't maintained that figure by scrimping on the rations)
    This was a real problem the RAF Police took our Knives and forks off us at South Cerney but luckily Henno's pie warmer and MK1 George Formby grill still worked
    Full of scoff (soup, Pie, chips, peas, bread and butter, powdered water finished off with chocy pudding and custard ) we slept late
    Disaster a goat herder found us luckily the female member Becca of the troop was naked (again!!) so this took his attention
    Henno slotted him with the George Formby and a funny quip
    Taff took the goats away shouting they were fukced
    Our ex para adopted his 1000000000 yard stare then we realised he was short sighted thats why he couldn't see the oncoming division the squinting tw4t
    Run shouted Henno and off he waddled carrying enough arrse for 6 men becca saw her chance and got her baps out Chris ran back for his superman pack lunch box a gift from his mum.
    Whilst waiting for a taxi at the local rank Chris decided to walk home its only a couple of miles mate he shouted as off he went smiting choggies with his lunch box
    Henno found a taxi and off we went regailing us with tales of his London pub snooker halls and garages that he owned and how him and his dogger of a bruv ruled Londaaaan
    Once again it all went Pete Tong mistaking our cries of Barnsley for Baghdad the taxi driver dropped us in completely the wrong place and then moaned about his tip
    We were so Fukced it meant Christmas leave was cancelled again
    We were jailed with some crab aircrew who couldn't belive the conditions they were asked to live in
    I almost went out of my mind hearing the screams of waiter waiter room service please
    We were released after the war summer 2000
    Henno is still in
    becca became a glamour model and PTI
    Chris got home in 2003 after a long wait for a tri star at Akrotiri
  9. Surely if them had been on the flight would have seen the book by now.I
    know they all signed a contract ,but,considering the cash that would be thrown
    their way surely if the story was true someone would have blabed.
  10. You have a point. They may however be the ones that did not blab. Perhaps they were A10.

    I was just asking as I know that something is going to be aired next week and wondered if anyone had any ideas.

    You are right sometimes it is just bloody bad luck.
  11. Dunno why you're asking to be honest.....

    We all know Pte Mike Golden was first in and last out!
  12. Cracker, Syrup.
  13. was this the same plane they burn't on the tarmac if so made a good company photo 'cheers lads'